pictures and comments! Though not in that order...

on Monday, October 19, 2009

Good news!
Now all you anonymous readers
(I think it's just my friend Mason, actually)
can officially comment on my posts!

I was snooping around my settings and found that magic button where
anyone (not just members of
can send me little messages and funny little quotes whenever they want!!
To celebrate, here's some awesome pictures.
They are far fetched.

Have a beautiful day, and
I hope to hear from you sooon!!!

love, rudi
(I accidentally typed "Rido" instead of Rudi)


  1. Dude thats my favorite Emerson quote ever. Also the picture of the deer shooting lasers from their eyes is awesome and so is the one of the tree with the christmas lights.

  2. Not anonymous---it's your mom.

    I got really creeped out when the music part of your blog started. I didn't expect it. Especially after seeing the laser deer. Good song though.