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Hillbilly Prom!

I've got a great story!
As you all may know, I"m back at granny's for a while. Today is her birthday! I'm currently celebrating with a cup full of vanilla ice cream and smothered with strawberry blueberry freezer jam.
But that has nothing to do with my story.
Apparently, when Mamaw and her friends were 9 or 10 years old,
they would find a good, sturdy stick,
form up a big mud clod and stick it on the top,
strategically place some rocks and leaves to create
handsome boyfriends.

Here's a picture of me and my mud-head a few days ago:

What do you think? Tacky or Cute?
My town was having a hillbilly/gypsy prom downtown,
and Chris drove up from Tennessee and surpirsed me! I didn't know I was going to have a date to the prom,
and he just showed up at my doorstep with his necktie in hand!

I'll show you all more pictures later- it's time for a little more freezer jam ice cream!

I hope your all's summer is as fun as mine!

love, rudi

I just dyed my hair red again!! I had it red for years, but then went brunette for a while. I'm sooo ready to be a redhead again!

However, after seeing a few pictures....
I'm thinkin' pink is pretty rad.

love, rudi

Here's my German Winni!! 
I'm so sad, cause she's leaving next Tuesday,
but at least we had a good sister-bonding time today :)

Isn't she just loverly?

love, rudi

This, and others unless specified, from cherryblossomgirl
 I completely love this.
Emerald Iris

I always love pictures like this...
I love this
Just thought I'd share with you all! 
I'm going out to take my own pictures. I'll show you when I'm done :)

love, rudi

This is the happiest song and video ever!!!!!!

It makes me excited about life, and it makes me dance while I shave my legs. 

Hope it does the same for you :)

love, rudi

Oh I can't tell you how happy I am right now. 
I'm finally sitting in my own house, in front of my own computer, eating a piece of Belgian chocolate my boyfriend brought over from his trip to Paris, listening to this:

(Yes I know I've already shared this with you- I just especially love it!)

And now I"m about to (finally) show you some pictures from my trip to Stephens College in 
Columbia, Missouri!

Let me start off by saying I love love love Columbia. I've traveled around a considerable amount, and visited many great towns and cities- but Columbia just completely lights me up with happiness. Maybe it's just because know I'll be living here, and every place I see becomes a possible place where something significant will happen to me, or a place where I'll be. As you can tell, I visualize my coming semesters with a certain dream like quality. 
Which, in my opinion, is the absolute best thing to do. 

Here's the outside of the dorm I'll be living in. I know it doesn't really give you a very informative picture, but you certainly can pick up on the charm.
 Here's next door.

 The rest of the pictures were taken in downtown Columbia, about a block and a half away from my campus and dorm. It's such a luxury to be so close to everything. It'll make morning lattes a more realistic goal- that and the fact that my first class starts at 9. Victory!
All the benches look something like this.

One of the many theaters in town.
 There's a coolie bakery! In fact, there's a half eaten box of custom, freshly made cookies in my kitchen right this very instant. If I hadn't just eaten some of that boyfriend chocolate I'd help myself to a re-heated vanilla & white chocolate chip cookie with a large cup of tea. 

....the tea sounds do-able, though...
here's some of the customer decorated cookie boxes that proudly decorate the walls.

And remember how I told you all I had a New Way Fun Project?
Stephens Colllege has 'hired' me on as their student blogger! Which means that I will be the student voice of Stephens whenever anyone goes to the official college website, and I'll be the example of what a Stephens Girl really is. 
Isn't that exciting!?
I can't tell you how honored I am and how lucky I feel for somehow having acquired this role- its going to be so super fun! It'll be such a great feeling having my own creative project- especially one that is significantly important- or at least noticed. 
I feel like a celebrity on campus. Most, if not all, of the admissions counselors there have read my blog, and it was surreal walking down a foreign hallway, confused and trying to find the place to get student IDs, and be greeting by a stranger who says, "Hey! Rudi! I love your blog!" 
No wonder I love Stephens so much, huh?

But anyway, nothing's set up yet or I'd give you all a link- but as soon as my fonts are chosen and pictures arise I will surely let all 23 of you know where to find me (if you're interested) and how to see my adventures in their full beauty. Of course, right now it seems that I'll easily be able to handle two blogs at one time, but who knows how crazy my schedule will become once I move in. But the separation of me and this blog is a sad day we shall not yet talk about. 

By the way, 
please forgive my makeup-less face.
 It's not much but bangs make me feel like a million bucks. 

 I think I've consumed enough of your time for now. It's time for me to refill my hot tea 
(which I did end up getting)
and watch the Glee season finale.
Have a great evening, guys and gals!

love, rudi

Here's a photo of my friend fox after Prom! 
We all had such a great time, and even though my picture of Fox is kinda bad and really blurry,
it's still one of my favorites and definitely copyrighted!
Wouldn't it be crazy if some time in the future I had to take Fox and his new farming company to court for copyright infringement?
Ha! Crazy!

Anyway, I'm going to go paint my toenails...

love, rudi


WOW This past two weeks (week and a half?) have been HARD without my blog.
I never really knew how much I loved it, I guess...
or, depended on it, rather...
But we'll analyze the health of mine and internet's relationship later.

Let me tell you what I've done!
I've been living in Mamaw's new little house with no electricity, no fridge, and no showers. I was bathing in a pan full of kettle-heated water by candlelight.
There's a good way to start the blisteringly hot summer!
But now, after finally getting electric, typing on the computer next to the running air conditioner,
I feel a million times better.
Camping is fun,
but only in the fall,
and for a day.

But now that's over.
The good news is that I now know how to survive in the wilderness, make Granny's Gravy, 30 Minute Pot Roast, how to sew on buttons, make a baby quilt, and make my own homemade laundry soap. 
I'm pretty much a woman now. 
a Woah-Man.

Unfortunatly I don't have any photos really. There is honestly very little to photograph. Mamaw's old house had all her pretty flowers and her huge garden, but there's a lot of moving debris around.

But tomorrow is our family reunion at my grandpa's house! And then me, mom, my stepdad, and the baby Sadie are going to Missouri!! To Stephens College!! And it's going to be great, and I'll have plenty of pictures from there,
and I will be so so excited to show them to you.

And how completely rude of me-
Welcome all my new readers! I was so happily surprised to see my numbers rise a little bit. It's funny how I attract more attention when I'm not around haha. Maybe I should abandon my blog more often. It's easier and way more fun when you're blogging to someone, and not just to yourself. It's vain of me, but it's honest.

So, I will update again in a few days! Look for me on Tuesday.
I hope your all's summers are going splendidly so far! I can't wait to sit down and browse through all your posts that I've missed and see your adventures.

Also- wish me luck on Monday! I'll be meeting with my admissions counselor's about a
New Way Fun Project...
more on that later ;)

love, rudi

I'm off Lovelies!
I'm heading up to grandma's house for a month or so,
and no promises about posting anything...
but I WILL have lots of adventures to talk about when I get home.
Please don't forget me-
I won't forget you!

 Oh my,
I'm sniffling!
I'll miss you!!

love, rudi

I saw Chris today! 
He's been in Paris (and Brussels and Amsterdam) for the past 8 days or so,
and we've had zero interaction, besides a facebook message or two. 
I surprised him at the airport today. There's about ten other pictures like this:

And then we went to eat food. 
Which was grrrrreat!
I just really like the smiling guy in the background!
Isn't my German's new haircut so cute?!?!

And don't I look so frenchie with my BERET?!?

Here's just a pretty picture of a pretty part of Knoxville.
 Now guys, I'd love to elaborate...
but I'm running on very little sleep, 
have a long car ride to my grandma's tomorrow...
and a sleepy boyfriend on the phone.

love, rudi