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I've been trusted by my future room-mate with the delicious task of decorating our dorm. 
And now that I'm actually thinking about it,
my original plan doesn't seem quite right...
I had wanted to do some sort of mustard-yellow with a nice, thick grey,
but now that just seems really sombre and a bit too trendy to actually be comfortable.
Then mom reminded me of my old dream of having a chalkboard wall,
and then I remembered of my plot to paint vintage picture frames a deep, azure blue and hang them on said chalkboard wall.
I'm totally sticking to that, because chalkboard=chalk notes, and an awesome cool chalkboard wall=awesome cool chalkboard wall full of awesome chalk notes. That just seems like too much awesome to give up. 
Of course, ours will look much cleaner. This is the aftermath of a babysitting session.

So anyway, I'm scouring design blogs for inspiration,
or, rather a funneling of inspiration because I have too much in my head for one room!
I'll probably be asking you all for input....
and if you have any suggestions or pictures I'd love, please send them!

love, rudi

Weekend in Louisville!

I know this dress isn't my usual style,
but we would have sooo much fun together!

So would me and these tights,
which I have named the coolest tights in the world.
I also had a bunch of awesome other pictures that somehow got lost in translation, much to my dismay. I really, really want to find particularly two of them again....

Wanna see some pictures from my trip to Louisville?
It was waaaay fun!

I spent the first evening watching Much Ado About Nothing in the park with Kelsey and Craig (Who so graciously was my host and tour guide all weekend), two of my favorite gingers. The play was awesome mostly because it was Bollywood themed!! 

Then Craig and I crashed Lebowskifest (That's right!) to find our dear friend Cameron.

But we also found Jesus:

and some other people who we didn't know (neither of us have seen or remember the movie) but who looked important.
So we got our pictures taken with them.

This is Cameron, who we promptly whisked away to Craig's hilariously hospitable grandmother's house.

Na-na fed us way too much food, and beat us way to hard at every card game we played.
She was seriously awesome.

Then we went to the Speed Art Museum, where we met up with Taylor,
one of the most beautiful girls I know.
Here's Cameron shielding us from unsavory nudity in some classical art.
There's a section in the museum where visitors share what they think about certain pieces of art. I especially appreciated these wise words.
Yes. I, too, think it potato's.

Modern Art. Seriously. There were, like, ten of these framed. And they weren't done by a cat or something, which would make them impressive.

Here's Taylor with Craig and Cameron. Aren't my friends pretty?

There's a pretty funny story about this picture. We were sitting at Qdoba eating our burritos at the window, and these three ladies walked by and started cracking up and waving at us really big, making these crazy gestures. We had no idea what was going on!
One of them ran inside the restaurant and started explaining, "I"m so sorry! We were walking by and we thought you all were a poster or something! You all look like an advertisement! You all had these big smiles, eatin' your food all cute- you all are so cute! I'm so sorry this is so funny- you all looked like an advertisement- so cute!!"
Needless to say we all felt awesome.
I might send this picture to Qdoba.
The cute on in the middle is my gorgeous friend Anya- who gets prettier every time I see her!

Also Cameron bought a leather jacket. 
Which, like, made him 14x cooler.

Me and Taylor and Craig went to the park :)

This is Mitchell, who housed me the second night, made me eggs for breakfast, and preformed some crazy massage voodoo on my neck and head (it's an acting exercise) and temporarily paralyzed me on his living room floor. I've never slept better!

I really miss my GSA friends :(
They're my favorite people.

love, rudi

Wasn't that just so sweet of them?

I've been more or less absent from the internet this week,
my boy came for a visit
and we spent our time playing super Nintendo, making forts with baby Sadie, and watching mock-umentaries like Chalk and A Mighty Wind- plus Chris tried his hardest to make me like Seinfeld (he was horribly unsuccessful)

Sadie in the sink, holding the Holy Grail of bath toys.

And now,
(and this is so exciting)
I am preparing for a little roadtrip to Louisville, KY to see some old acting friends,
several of whom I haven't seen in over a year or so.
I should actually have pictures,
and good ones at that!

Have a good weekend! What are your plans?

love, rudi

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Stupid Boyfriend



I hope rudi doesn't get mad, but I needed a break from flying Sadie around the house in a bucket.  It's really hot in here and I've been swinging this beebee around for about an hour now.

Good thing rudi fixed some delicious gravy and some...biscuits for breakfast.  Just kidding ru, the biscuits were good too!

Anyhow I need to put my garbage basket space helmet on and do a few more laps.


love, rudi

I want this hair-
but boyfriend thinks I'd be ugly blonde.

I think he's a greasy spoon.
What'chew think?

love, rudi

I just think the bird's hipster necklace is hilarious.
Who are the people who own chairs and pillows and cats like this? And WHY are they not my friends? 


Can you tell I'm going through a yellow-blue-cat phase? 
Everything I see with these colors is BEAUTIFUL.
Today I got a nice letter in the mail from Stephens College,
which happens to be the awesomest college on the planet,
informing me of my room number and roommate!
I'm really excited, because I met my roommate previously-
she's an adorable girl from Yonkers, New York with a purple stripe in her hair and (apparently) no Facebook page. 

I really hope she agrees with me about Blue, Gray, and Yellow....
but only time will tell :)
What are your all's favorite colors combos? I'm such a design freak this year- I don't know WHAT has gotten into me!

love, rudi