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We have bad news and good news.

Bad news: Chris wants to shave his beard.

Good news: He told Michaela that if she got twenty people to sign a petition, he wouldn't do it.
He also said that we had to actually show people a picture of him, and not just tell people to sign a piece of paper.

Needless to say,
we have big smiles.

love, rudi
(and kaela)

[Just wanted to share a few little things with you.]

love, rudi

pictures and comments! Though not in that order...

Good news!
Now all you anonymous readers
(I think it's just my friend Mason, actually)
can officially comment on my posts!

I was snooping around my settings and found that magic button where
anyone (not just members of
can send me little messages and funny little quotes whenever they want!!
To celebrate, here's some awesome pictures.
They are far fetched.

Have a beautiful day, and
I hope to hear from you sooon!!!

love, rudi
(I accidentally typed "Rido" instead of Rudi)

On a Lazy Sunday

My little dream of opening up a shop (of SOME sorts- whether it be brownies or boots)
would be so much more realistic if I was a good cook.
I want to be, though, so bad.

Last week, while driving to Knoxville,
Michaela told me,
"That's one of my favorite things about you, Victoria- you love fancy food!"
And I like to keep that little compliment far away from the "Lost and Forgotten"
section of my mind where most information ends up.

But this morning, after convincing myself to get out of bed at eleven AM (It's already three?!?)
I plopped down on the couch (already inhabited by my darling mother)
and read some old Real Simple magazines my Aunt Patty gave me.
And wow.
Oh, wow.

There's another dream job- I would love to work for Real Simple.
Except, I kind of lack the whole "organized" culture they have...
but I can dream, can't I?

So here's some excerpts of Real Simple stuff
that caught my eye this morning.

Let's start with the food :)

First, Stuffed Apples, which I have
1) Never heard of before and
2) Cannot wait to eat

The other pictures are pretty self-explanatory,
and I'm heavily considering making the Jerk Chicken for dinner tonight,
sort of like a "End of Fall Break" mourning feast.

Plus, this little bowl of delight from the Real Simple websitesounds especially inviting today. I'm really missing my Gnocchi soup...

and a pretty haircut, with pretty eyes, and a pretty headband.

and in celebration of a pleasant morning reading a pleasant magazine,
I made myself quite a pleasant breakfast.

love, rudi

my week was.......

Here are the reasons this week was a good week:

1) It started out with Chrissy! That boy makes me laugh more than anyone in the planet,
and on certain rainy days
all you really need is giggles.
2) It's so fall-icious out. The trees are a really great yellowred this year. Maybe it's something with the sudden dip in the weather?
Nonetheless, me and mom have scheduled a leaf walk with Sadie. I can't wait to see our collection!
3) We just got a houseload of insulation for our drafty house! That means a warm winter, and that means a happy Rudi.
4)Halloween decorations in the coffeehouse!
5) Yeah, just in general: Halloween is coming! I want to carve up punkuns, drink Hot Apple Cider, and eat at least one and a half punkun pies a week.
Plus do this to a cat:
6) Today my family went to the animal shelter where we volunteered yesterday and decided to
sponsor an animal!!
And that means that no longer how long she'll have to wait for the perfect family to find her,
she'll be safe from the terrible quarantine room (you can guess what goes on there).
AND whatever family falls in love with her (much like we did, though we have NO room for a puppy dog) can take her home for free!
My stepdad Ben fell in love with a beautiful Queensland Heeler, and we named her Adrian.
Isn't she loverly?

She was so sweet and mild tempered, and cuddled with us in the play room. And she gave baby Sadie kisses and didn't freak out when Sadie tried to ride her.
That's a good dog.
And I can't tell you how great I feel.

7) Had an unusually healthy paycheck this week :)

8) Mel met with me last night to work on my monologue for GSA college day!
I'm not half as nervous as I was this time yesterday. She's so good at what she does. I've got a great feeling about the whole thing....

9) I just realized- and this may be a bad thing, but I'm pretty sure it's good, that I would eagerly spend $30 on an amazing birthday present for my cousin that I would love to own,
yet I would never spend that much money on myself.
If there wasn't the slightest risk of that certain cousin looking at my blog,
I would share with you all what I had in mind.

10) I slept so much.
So, so much.
And I love love love it.
So much.

11) Every single meal I've eaten this week
(besides the rare leftover of Mom's cooking or a bowl of cereal)
has been Olive Garden's delightful Gnocchi Soup
And I am currently eating the last bowl of the
gallon and a half
of it I bought.

Hope your week was as awesome as mine!!

love, rudi

clothes clothes clothes!

In celebration of the fun-filled night me and Michaela are about to have
(if she ever gets here....who knew cleaning an office could take so loooong?)
I've decided to post a small selection of things
I think
are absolutely gorgeous.
They are all from this wonderful website,
a place I would
to work someday.

And that's another thing- recently I've been thinking a LOT about after college
(rather than just college itself)
and I'm toying with the idea of opening some sort of clothing shop.
Vintage pretties, modern pretties, modern that look like vintage pretties,
pretty pretties,
you get it.

The only gap I have yet to jump is the fact that
although my stlye might be really really good,
no one is really aware of that,
because I always dress so eehh.
But I blame that on the town I'm in. It's awkward to be the only girl in heels while everyone else is in camo shorts or pajama pants.
And not the fun type of awkward, either.

But look at these pictures! They're the preferable view,
not my whiney jibber.

Enjoy! I did!

love, rudi

I made a bad decision today,
I slept until one, which gave me nightmares
and then I went to
and fell in love:

I only wish I was brave enough to wear these boots. They are GORGEOUS and I love love love them.
I think if I didn't live in Corbin I'd wear them all the time,
but it's so weird dressing nicely around here.
It's very uncomfortable to be cute.
And actually, this dress has been one of my favorites for a very long time. I love the belt mostly, though. Plus that crazy clown collar.

and I 100% love this dress. I dream of pineapples and coconut bread.

talk to you later.

love, rudi

One Two Three Four

Powdered donuts and cold pizza for breakfast?

Yes, please.

(life is awesome)

love, rudi


So, Michaela and I have been plotting for a very long time (two weeks) to take some pictures of some of our favoritest friends.
So we finally did! We were so amazed at how these pictures turned out, and it's really because all of our pals are completely gorgeous. Every single one of them took gorgeous pictures, and Kaela and I are both very excited to work with them again soon.

If you would like to see the pictures larger, just click on them! To all the pretty boys and girls in the pictures: If you're copying and saving them to your facebook or myspace, I would recommend clicking on them to enlarge them first.

And of course, a big thank-you to Madison, Chelsea, Savannah, Evan, Shelly, Aaron, Brody,Katie, and Rachel for carrying the cameras and scarves, even though she felt sicky.


Thanks again everybody, we hope you love these as much as we do!!!

love, rudi
[+ kaela]