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Ahhh, spring is coming!
And so is the end of the school year!
And that means I get to have a new room soon.
So I live at design*sponge.
And life is beautiful.
love, rudi

I completely love this photo.

I wish I had taken it instead...

love, rudi

I finally stopped my car and took this picture.
And it turned out decent.

love, rudi

Ohhhh be still my beating heart....
my love for paper is getting a tad out of hand.

love, rudi

ohhh How was your weekend?
Mine was absolutely loverly. 

Full of beautiful landscapes and a shiny white puppy...
My grandmother was in town,
((whom I love SO much))
and we got to cuddle a little bit.

plus also! I got to see Chris this weekend,
and we got to cuddle a little bit...

love, rudi

By the Sea Tracks

Hung out with my new-ish friend Dylan last night,
isn't he the cutest?

I also took some pictures of a girl names Miranda with our other friend Cooper's camera
(I really like Nikon now- their pictures turn out so much better than mine!!)
and I can't wait to see how they turned out.

Here's some stuff I like,
mostly from here.

love, rudi


I want your all's opinions.

I feel shallow to put up pictures of myself on here,
but when I go to other people's blogs,
I want to see pictures of them, or what they're wearing that day,
or what their hair looks like.

Am I doing a good medium?
Or are the pictures of Sadie and other random photos getting old?

Just wondering.....

love, rudi

Oh, and also we petted baby chicks and ducks at the Tractor Supply Co. Saturday.
It was the best ever!

love, rudi

It's Sadie birthday!

And me and Patrick and Mommy spent six hours

And it was somehow so painful.........

But the results were totally cute, don't you think?
Mom also made some other little mini-cakes,
But I think my little pink one is the cutest thing on the earth.
((I did it by myself!!!!))

We were totally killed Sunday night,
we all went to sleep at 7.
And woke up at 7,
and today I still felt like there was icing in my veins,
and I was about to curl my toothpaste into little swirls....

How was your weekend?

hee heee!!!!

love, rudi

This is me today,

and I'm not doing this for vanity's sake.

I'm showing Chrissy my new hat. :)

I do have photos for vanity's sake, though.

Me and my friend Dylan took pictures today,aaaaaaannnnnndddddd

I felt awesome.

except my face didn't look like I wanted it to look, but it's okay....

and sorry for the double spacing.

My stepdad drags his computer into the dining room and disconnects mine and mom's
[so every time we need to print of a single sheet of paper, we have to unpluck his crap
and plug ours back in and wait twenty minutes, but that's beside the point]
and his computer, for some reason, does it's own thing.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have my computer back, and I can show you new pictures I found :)
love, rudi

Look at my cute cake!!!

I am so proud of myself!!! I baked it in a tin can (did I tell you all that already?)

Mom was surprised, but could only eat half of the cake because it was so dense. I have no idea why it turned out that way,
but it wa seriously delicious all the same.

...I'm wondering if I need to go visit it's leftovers for a minute...........

I think it's a yes.
Have a good day, and wish me luck!
I'm speaking at a district-wide Lions Club meeting about my trip to Finland last summer,
and I hope I'll do well.

love, rudi

Have I ever mention how much I love Real Simple magazine?
And as I explore more, I realize I love almost any organizing/homemaker/recipe magazines,
I secretly love the idea of being a housewife,
and wearing little dresses everyday and baking cakes and fancy dinners
(like rice and an onion omelette, if my boy is on some religious fasting thing)
and having lemonade pincics.
Also barbeques.
But tonight I'm talking most about cakes,
because I made two birthday cakes for my mommy's birthday!!
I experimented with a Chili Bean can
and made mom a tiny little tall cake.
After I frost it, I'll give ya'lls a peeky peek.
Are you housewifey, too?
I'd like to know I'm not the only one...
love, rudi

Oh, and this made me feel really awesome

It's like I'm already on Glee!!
(which I AM planning on auditioning for, by the way)
love, rudi

Oh hey guys.

It's just me,
admiring the finer things in life.

love, rudi

Oh wow!
I totally forgot I had a blog.

Actually, I've spent the past five days with Truchi,
my boy brand of choice.
let me tell you what.
We had just about the best time any two people can have.
I always laugh 14 times more than I do normally
when I'm with him,
and that makes me a very happy person.
We watched movies, saw a play, got mall sickness, cuddled, had a picnic,
absolute bliss.

(the hairy legs are accurate)

Tuesday we went to Lexington to watch my little sister while my mom accompanied my grandma to a doctor's appointment,
and we spent hours roaming around UK campus
(a very ugly college, by the way)
with my baby sister Sadie.
And then, after she fell asleep, we drove to Panera and ate soup and coffee.
And the world was altogether pleasant,
and the weather was just perfect.

Not of us, no, no no,
but of him and Sadie, Yes.

They're two of my all time favorite people.

Here's my pledge to you eleven people,
I will try my very best to stop forgetting I have a blog,
and post more often.
It's just that sometimes real life is more interesting...

But now that Chris is gone,
and school is back to normal,
I don't really have that problem anymore.

love, rudi

I spent all of my Sunday in Knoxville, watching Hockey and eating calzones with Truchi.
It was so nice to be able to hang out and not have to rush anywhere or
have nowhere to be, but a lot of options of where to go.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable day,
full of giggles and hugs.
Not that we got any pictures of us together, or anything...

And Chris is completely incapable of not making a gross face when a camera is in sight.

But I love him anyway.

love, rudi