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Two weeks ago Truchi visited me at school out in Missouri,
and after a very upsetting beginning of the week with my family in KY,
we ended up having a considerably nice time back at school.

It's just nice to have someone hang out with you, even if you are being sad and not very fun.

And now it's my spring break, 
pictures of my week later.

love, rudi


love, rudi

I spent ten minutes looking for her features in my face.

I don't think I found any. 

I've never wanted to call to say hi more than I do now. Hell is a lack of certain people.

love, rudi

Dress your Mountain

I'm sooooo ready for summer and wearing dresses. 
I really, really want a maxi dress, too. 
Sorry to totally girl out on you all. Here's some compensation.

love, rudi


Cutest. Baby. Ever. 

Except for maybe this guy's.

love, rudi

Goat Cheese and Raspberry.

Dreams on Fire

The only thing that matters

That the past is our future. 
The one we've never seen before.

love, rudi


Mommy, Valerie, and Sadie came in to town for a visit. 
I miss my baby so much.

And The Panic Room, welcome to the pack! I enjoy your work so much.

love, rudi