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Today I'm babysitting little Sadie, 
a day so far full of cereal and cartoons, fuzzy pajamas and hot tea. 

I've been channeling my attention between Martha Speaks and, for some reason, really awesome wedding invitations from Printable Press

Aren't those great? I found them through the Bleubird blog- which is, by the way, my favorite new blog find. Her family is just the cutest:

I need to get my own life...

love, rudi
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As you may have noticed, I've been giving more time to the blogging world than I have these past few months,
and as wonderful as reading and discovering blogs is,
I'm getting a heavy case of the mean reds- I'm so jealous of everyone's awesome lives! All I seem to do is run to class and run to lunch and run to bed, and start over- is it just college life? 

Tonight I'm craving a New Years Party like this one:

Doesn't their party look like fun? 

love, rudi

Ohhh I like this so much better.
It's so clean.

love, rudi
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 I know this isn't really the most festive of celebrations, 
but Sadie was acting awful creepy in the tub tonight. 
It reminded me of snow, anyhow.

Merry Christmas everyone. We're waiting for Ben to come home, then we're opening stockings :)

love, rudi

The contrived tree rends a healthy workload.

I'm thinking about re-designing my blog.

love, rudi

Merry Christmas everyone! 

It's been a mixture of heaven and hell being home for the holidays.
(Could I shove one more 'H' word in there?)

On one hand, I've had a great time relaxing and lounging about with the family, 
living at a fairly leisurely pace and enjoying my time off.
But I've also had a hard time being efficient in anything or getting even the most menial things done. 
I feel like I should be able to relax, but I'm still worrying about all these things I'm not getting done while simultaneously trying to force myself to lay around while I have the chance. 

Just ask Truchi, it's turned me into a nightmare of a person to deal with.

Merry Christmas, all. From the other blogs I read, it seems that the blogging world is doing pretty well, striving with all their happy and beautifully dressed lives.
Ohhh jealousy...

The only person I want to watch is Amy.

And the only person I care to read is David.

I don't really give a crap about anyone else.

love, rudi

Lots to share!

The rest are from me.

With my ever-growing list of things to do, I don't exactly have time to fully explain myself. 
Basically, this first semester has been a spicy heaven/hell, with glorious moments that have, unfortunately, been completely drowned in the bad.

I want to emphasize a certain aspect of my bad semester, and that's death, and death compared to a bigger picture of happiness.
Just to give you a little insight, a few weeks ago I got a late night call from my mother saying that my great grandmother was dying. It was very important to me to be there to say goodbye, so I began the 10 hour journey home. On the way there, only 4 hours or so away from home, I was in a car-flipping wreck, which jarred me senseless for weeks. The day after my wreck, only hours after seeing my grandmother, she died. 
Two weeks ago, during Thanksgiving Break and about three or four weeks after my grandmother's death, I was in the hospital getting (what we now know as benign) breast tumor removed.

For a while I was euphoric, although in a melancholy way, because I had faced some forms of death in a very small period of time but survived. My daily problems slid off my back, and I felt released from every care, and every worry I could think of.
Today, after hearing his story "Drowning on Sullivan Street", I discovered I experienced something very similar to what Ed experienced.

But today, two weeks later, with the beginning of finals and sleeplessness, multiplied by the financial debris from my wreck, and countless other microscopic yet magnified problems, I'm losing my positive attitude.
I thought I had a new philosophy. 
And now I'm wondering what it will really take to make me realize that I can survive.
And that's a scary thought.

I'm not looking for your pity. I just want to record this transition in my life. I think it may prove to be an important one.

love, rudi

I'm in the midst of developing a big, big crush on the lady.

love, rudi