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Do this!!

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Haiti by helping to provide emergency water and sanitation services for survivors. All you have to do is click! Go to this link and press the donation button! (You can click once per day!) Don't forget to let me know if you did it, thank you.

My friend Dori
(can she please count as a friend, even though we're just online buddies?
Is that really too creepy?)

My friend Dori
started this thing called "Dares for Good".
I'm inspired!! Check out the first dare above,
and find out how to support causes your especially fond of.
I helped monkeys and breast cancer.
Two things very close to my heart indeed.
To celebrate, here's a picture of a monkey!

how cute!
Here's another one!!!

awwwww gosh. How can you not love baby monkeys?

love, rudi

Gemma Correll
Shannon Douglas
Douglas makes me want to be a designer. I don't care if I lay out yearbooks for a living. 
Shannon Douglas

Guys, I can't tell you how relieved I am that I finished my English paper an hour ago. I am super mego happy.

Except, I'm also sad, because I can't call my loverly bee-eff and talk to him about how relaxed and happy I am that I'm done,
because he's currently on a
on his way to 

and I will 
miss him.
I hope he has a beautiful time.

love, rudi


Dear Ice Cream:

Just wonderin'.
Sprinkles by her, words from my heart.

love, rudi

I have only one thing to talk about,
and one thing only.

Yesterday I finally kissed Brody.
In public.
Actually, in front of the entire senior class at our special senior lunch.

We're pretty much already married.

Just in case you're not in the loop,
Brody is a boy who's been in my class for the past three years.
And I always flirt with him hard core. It's mostly a joke,
but I really do think he's adorable.

So. That's that story.
I can now die happy.

love, rudi

Attempt number two. The family has voted this outfit in over the last one...

love, rudi

This post is soley for Patrick, my best friend, to decide whether or not my outfit for tomorrow is too formal. 
Please excuse my nasty face.

What say thee, Patrick?

love, rudi

I love my baby sister. 
Currently she's sitting on my lap saying, "I love yew Fa-Fa," and "I want the little sink, LA LA!" and "You're so cuute!"

But ten minutes ago, 
when I was washing up from an especially nasty diaper episode,
she sweetly whispered,
"Thank you for changing my diaper, Fa-Fa."
We raised us a good'un. 

 love, rudi

I think I can post...
I think I can post....
I just really, really have nothing to say.

My senoritis is spreading from the classroom to my blog,
and hopefully I'll start feeling productive again sometime soon.
For ya'lls sake, I'll try my best to
get interesting again...


love, rudi

 This past weekend was an especially great one. 
There was a huge sale at the Cracker Barrel of all places, and I snatched up two really nice scarves, a sun hat, snake pick-up-sticks, and an airplane fork for Truchi for ten bucks.

Then I went to Greeneville, and that always means a good time.
 Chris and I had the best dinner Saturday at Chihuahuas, our favorite Mexican restaraunt. 
We ate some delicious food (and not so delicious coffee) outside on the patio with the fairy lights,
and one of the owners toddler sons was driving in the gravel around the building 
in one of those little battery powered cars all night, off-roading and getting into mini-car wrecks.
It was the cutest thing we'd ever seen,
plus the most amazing chimichanga I've ever eaten.

On Sunday we got sun burnt and sun dazed at the Iris Festival.

These two dogs were too much to handle. That little one could live in the St.'s eye socket.
This is Foxxy, Chris's boyfriend. This photo is a good prediction of what their honeymoon will be like.

This uncharacteristically sexy rabbit was my favorite thing at the Wood Carving Contest
Mags, Chris's amazing grandmother :) We're pen pals.
Truchi in his birthday presents!! Isn't he handsome?

And although I hate having to use it,
the road that leads me from Chris's town to mine is so pretty. It always takes the edge off of leaving.
It's the perfect mixture of nature and general filth.

And this is totally off topic, but I forgot to show you this amazing house
near my aunt and uncle's in North Carolina.
It might be my dream home.

 Truchi will be leaving this Saturday for France.
I'll miss talking to him every day
after 9 PM and on weekends, unless he calls the house phone ;)

love, rudi

It's time for me to play internet creeper again,
and show you guys my newest blog crush.
Katy is just the most darling person I have never seen walking the streets,
and I swear I'm going to dress like this in college.

Her sunglasses!!!!

Also, Sadie and I just wanted to remind you guys,

Happy 19th Birthday Truchi!!!!

Here's a big fat hip-hip Hooray for you
on your big-boy day.

Also, I'm so very proud of your for your great grades this year.
(He made a 100% on his History Final, everyone!
And All A's if you don't count Statistics Class!)


I can't WAIT until you see your present!!

love, rudi

Yay clothes!! 
And pretty living rooms!
And, and...
Yay Pretty Things!!!!

I love how cuddly allen company's vintage is....
It all makes me want to take a nap with the windows open
and have a picnic in the rain. 

Ahhhh, Romance
allen company inc.

And I think this is the snuggliest Bedroom in the world.
Gabriel Wick's place

Lula's sister's place

And I really want to make one of these.....
And I fully intend on making a necklace like this girl's
Isn't that just something?!
I'm also very excited about tomorrow,
because Patrick and I are heading to Knoxville to do some hard core studying at the UT Library!
Oh What Fun!!

See you tomorrow,
love, rudi