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i like new play dough, but I do not like fruity teas.

I also bought this postcard today. I thought it was lovely.

aaaaaaaaand i scanned my face.

cherries and dresses, but not together.

Today I bought two dresses! And a hairbow that I've had on my mind for a very long time....
One dress fits perfect, and loves my curvy curvyness, and is
this print:
with this collar

It's called a peter pan collar. and I love it.
(thank you for this)

Our cherries are blooming! I tried a few, and could barely stop eating them! Between those and the purple berries that are slowly dying my car a light plum color- I'm getting my proper two to three servings of fruit a day.

I'm really going to miss my sister when I'm in Finland. I leave for Asheville tomorrow, and then I fly out to Finland Tuesday...

But really, my sister is so cool.
I mean, look at her...

this was taken today...a few minutes ago, actually.

today's ice cream is confetti cake.
...and I just realized I like purple and orange together.

I'm listening to Or, The Whale.
and I miss Chris.

I got a haircut!! I hope I look like Ashley Brockinton .

but I'm pretty sure I just look like Victoria Petry.

(I'm pretty sure I told you the significance of this recently...)

this is what I look like these days.

I don't think my boyfriend has seen this picture this is for him.

this is one of my favorite new bands...
my mom found them on Tv, because, and I couldn't believe this, but

Vh1 plays music videos

albeit at seven in the morning...but whatever. That's what I'm doing tomorrow morning.
It should be a serious adventure.

Oh, and I got my first prints back from my diana camera...
they made me so sad.


I'm so proud of myself! This morning I made pancakes with strawberry syrup for Sadie, and they were really really good!! That never happens.

Sadie is being really cute today, too. She slept with me last night, and we woke up at noon and played games with our hair.

I looked up pictures of strawberry pancakes, and instead I found the most disgusting looking breakfast ever. Vegan strawberry pancakes. I'm a little wary....

I have star of david shoes!!!

i can't really tell you HOW HAPPY I am right now...
I've been looking for a new way to display my jewish heritage louder...
so far I've got car magnets and dreidels and a yamaka.

this is probably the cutest baby in the world, too.
Her mommy has a blog. It's about the only thing currently telling me having kids is pretty awesome.

Happy Victoria Day!

Wooonderful weekend
I got to go to a baseball game with chrissy, and we went to a grill out (and got some really great photos out in the country- hopefully being developed soon...)
and we had a beautiful picnic with wonderful food and really good music.
plus the perfect amount of sunlight and breeze....

but we had a birthday cake!! Because it was Truchi's BIRTHDAY on Monday!

and apaprently Norfolk & Western was made up of people from
The Decemberists....

No wonder I love them so much!!

round two!

today I begin using my second roll of film on my new camera...

I sent out the first one yesterday and I'm so anxious to see how everything turns out!

The last batch was on expired film, and someone told me they would all be icky and yellow and foggy looking, but when I looked up pictures taken on old film, I wasn't really disappointed....

maybe the old crappy stuff is my style?

wish me luck!!

(plus, I get to see the boyfriend at three today!)

I forgot all about this pear shaped poem.

I wrote it to my boyfriend at school one day.


Looking over my books

Depth stares at me in the face so I’m

Afraid I might not get it

Clothes are real thin but I’m not a bit cold

My finger swells to accommodate

A chunky piece Of heart


Hugging every once in a while

at the bend of a sentence, and stress of a deadline

Wearing a coat that I bought when I met you,

It’s all oddly relevant

That I see Paul Cezanne

Plate With Grapes and Peach

In the poetry section about family past and present

And oddly me and you are


Always kind of connected a little.


I'm really excited.

I entered a drawing for a Taza & the Prince headband- they're AMAZING.
Not only are her headbands really great- but her blog is the biggest inspiration to me.

Actually, it's because of that blog that I started my own.
and how I found out about my lovely diana camera.

plus she has the cutest wedding photos I've ever seen.

But I'm excited!!!
My boy is coming to town tomorrow!!
that's like my favorite thing that happens on Fridays!

this is the perfect picture to describe my last five hours.

sadie simply says it all.

Does anyone else think this is hilarious ? I think I'm going to put one up in my school....


It's Chrissy's Birthday!!!!


I can't really tell you how much I love this boy.....

it's a really REALLY big number.

here's some of today's favorite pictures of him...

Also, just so he knows, I really wanted to get him a pack of these bumper stickers. Check out what they're used for...

and it's true that we named our children
after towns that we've never been to.

Also: I want to bring up this memory....

(dear've been most my favorite rudi)

I've decided that life's way to freakin short to not have a little bowl of ice cream every day afterschool.

This is my mother,

who is the strongest woman I know,

who is the only friend I know I'll always have,

and who hardly looks old enough to be my mother.

For mother's day I'm taking her to Lexington to a supposedly hilarious two-man show.
I hope it's hilarious because I paid $30 for tickets......

and I'm one cheap Jew.
(that sounds like a joke but it's not)

one more, then it's over...

I just thought these were beautiful...
and I wish I made them.

I though this was hilarious. I love all the other things this guy does, too.

Let me show you some of my favorites...

Blame it on the Tetons...

And finally, what you've all been waiting for...

it is my pleasure to present,

the most daring and charming of cakes,

appraised all over the world,

a personal favorite of Queen Naomi of Southern Tibet,

The wedding gift to the late Czar Nikolai of the Grand Prussian Republic

and smiled upon by the Dali Lama himself,


I thought that was a pretty frackin awesome cake.

I would add a little elephant though.

It's still raining today, but it's a beautiful rain.
MY sheets are really nice and look a little like this:
and I was just having a dream about Indians and peacock feathers.

Also, and this is probably the best part, I had baby bird hair this morning, which looked not very different from my little sister's.
But baby bird hair is my absolute favorite.

I'm listening to Beirut this morning: and my favorite song today is The Penalty.
This song is going to be very important to me.

I have to go to work now, otherwise I'd show you a picture of what I think the perfect birthday cake is.
cause I found it! I found the perfect birthday cake!!!

But wait, here's one of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite people OF ALL TIME

(i love this boy)

Hold on Tight

Hey little blog with no people!

I have abandoned you for the past few days. Patrick and I started a blog called Rustic Oppidan
and it's been very time consuming.

I've also been going to proms and dressing up like Amy Winehouse and doing a lot of math tests.
And being very glum indeed, because my town is full of dirty wet rain. Not happy spring rain, or windy exciting rain. Just dirty, wet rain.

I wrote my grandmother a poem for mother's day. My mom delivered it to her this weekend and she read it aloud during a mother-daughter dinner and everyone cried a lot.

making mamaw cry for mothers day was not what I wanted to do.
But I guess that just means I shouldn't write such sad poems.

cameras cameras picture picture

ME and Patrick had SO much fun today!!

The day started off great, because we were so excited about the (no)Talent Show at school.
It's not French class, and some kid clogged.
Sounds like a good evening to me.

THEN we took pictures. And what pictures they were....
here's a few, but we started a blog.
Unfortunately, my nice new camera is somewhere in the other end of the state right now,
(my mom borrowed it and left it in a friend's backseat- a friend she sees once a year)
So this fuzzy point and shoot is all we had.


I have decided to buy a SuperSampler

or a Diana Camera, cause they're pretty cute.

( but I dream of SuperSamplers)