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So once again I'm pretty sure I've failed to improve this blog, and just screwed it up a little more instead.
So here's an official announcement of 'under construction'.

I don't understand how some of you people are so good at it....

Yaaay! Diana pictures!!!

I think I need to
1) get some black and white film
2) figure out how to advance the film in a more effective way. I think I'm not expert enough to
do double exposures effectively yet.

yes, that is a fur cape.

I'm feeling a little better about this waste of money toy camera.


my sister is about the cutest thing on this earth.

She fell asleep here of all places.

And I promise to post some photos of
1) prom dresses
2) Minigolf
3) Asheville

with stories included.

And let it be known- my campaign for becoming a lookbook member has officially begun.
I sent in an application several days ago with no reply.
So I assume I'm still uncool.
But times are changing.
and at a quick and meaningful pace.

love, rudi

lookbook highlights:

New favorites!!! Yesterday lookbook sucked, today it rocked.

But my favorite littl guy Pascal of hasn't been posting....
and I do so miss his photos...

Tuesday? Wednesday?

It's raining!
Sometimes summer drags so slow. I feel like I'm always waiting for something during the day, but by the time I figure out that I'm really waiting for nothing,
the day is over!
and for some reason it's taking so long for stuff to get started around here...
I was ready for the day by 11, but I guess the day's adventures just isn't ready for me yet.

But while I'm here, let me show you these photos. I'm slowly constructing my dream house,
and here's a little part of it thus far:

I love the map on the wall, the little curtain, and everything about the top photo.
Unfortunately I've had these photos just sitting on my computer so long I don't remember where they're from,
otherwise I'd visit the site again and again!

I feel like crying a little.

I just messed up my pretty header


Maybe I should just go to bed now.

so sorry ya'll!!

I've been a really really bad blogger recently. For a quick update, my family took Mona the Finnish exchange student to Kings Island and Cincinnati for two days, and we visited our favorite family the Bowes on Sunday in Lexington.
That trip to Lexington was really amazing. We went with everyone to Jeckle & Hyde at the Arboretum (really amazing play, anyway, and cleverly done. They had four actors act as Hyde!). But the really awesome part (besides the fact that I now have a 'letha' jacket- me and Bowe are twins!!) is that Mom and I ran into Ray Ray- a great friend we haven't seen in eight years!!
He's the one in the orange wig, my mom is the flowered one with dead eyes, and Liz is another old friend.
I must have been six or something.

So we had a pretty great day.

But that's not what I want to talk about.
I want to talk about lookbook.

I really love that site, and Patrick and I are determined to become a part of it.
We've unsuccessfully been taking pictures diligently to prove our worthiness as
fashion forward teens.

It's been slow.

Here's my favorite four from tonight:

I'm totally digging the white glasses, suddenly my dull yearning for suspenders is renewed, I wish my boys dressed like this, and I just like the last one because her legs look warm.
And I'm into warm legs.

But me and Patrick and Mona are supposed to go out tomorrow and take some new photos, so hopefully
a.) You'll See Them, and
b.) So Will Lookbook

We've been waiting far too long before we 'earned' our places on the lookbook bench.
I really think we're just lacking a friend with artistic photgraphing abilities.
But anyway,
I'm thinking it's time, don't you?

love, rudi

gurgish Gurrs

So today I finally kept up my promise (something I think I haven't done enough of recently) and took Mona out to take pictures.
I personally have never had as much fun playing dress up ever before. She's the perfect model, and not too bad of a photographer, either!
Hopefully she'll be able to keep this up back in Finland ("This is the best hobby!" she said, again and again) because she was so excited.
Then we went boxing with Ben.
And my body hurts, and it stinks, but I also feel kind of awesome.

sometimes Corbin ain't so bad.
love, rudi

Diana Canana!!

I did it!!

Take a look at these bad larrys!

I'm so so proud of myself. And now I am very excited again.

This is indeed a happy day.

two days,

Oh, and I had a really great two days with Mona in Lexington.

She met my favorite of all favorite families, the Bowes, and we hung out way too late and way too long with all my boys.

I love life because I love my boys, and it's as simple as that.

I only wish I had thought of taking more pictures. But I managed to remember to take one of Glenn's amazing house. I plan on renting the top floor if I go to Transy, which is about a block away.

plus I just bought The Airborne Toxic Event CD.
Anyone else want it? I know a little boy who's getting it already!

art these days

I've been wasting way too much film trying to figure out how my diana camera works...
it's a long, slow, and embarrassing process.
And my confidence is slowly slowly dimming...

and the worst part is, i'm getting better.
These are the best ones I have!

But I painted today.
and it's not too awful!

I think it's the first of three.

Today let's take Mona to Mi Casa!

I don't think there are any Mexican Restaurants in Finland, so this should be a really fun experience.

Last night we had s'mores and lit fireworks, and experimented with Aunt Lisa with sparklers. There should be a photo up pretty soon...