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I am super duper nervous,
cause tomorrow I find out the results of my college match through Questbridge,
which means I am finding out which Ivy-League college I will be attending for free (if any, another scary but possible result of tomorrow's email).
And I'mmabout to pee myself.

But I think I'll work on this philosophy paper due instead....
but in the meantime! Here's a list of awesome-est-st's:

frickin wolf on a couch (cause it's on a frickin couch!!)

box of kittens

friend ever

pun I've ever heard

herd of frickin sheep, that looks so cuddly and awesome

carnival activity ever

(click on the photo to see other works from the photographer- he's really something!)

I just want to be here.

It's just pretty frickin awesome.

tatoo that I've penned on my arm for the past two days

dog costume ever

bad-A-est graffiti

presentbook to read when you're in the eighth grade

cuddly cat

wish me luck tomorrow!

love, rudi

I have no idea how any of this happened tonight.

Let's just leave it at this:

a man I served coffee to literally once came into my house

asked me where my baby sister was,

opened my fridge,

and we had an epic black mamba snake sock puppet battle.

sometimes, I seriously love my life.

love, rudi

I had such a great day!

Which is a bit odd, because the second I woke up (and after a shower) I went to work,

(I work in this awesome castle)

and now at 6:30 I am just coming home from that work.
And it was great!
I love gettin stuff done, you know?
For some reason I couldn't stop singing today,

and we were kinda busy-ish in a way that I'm always doing something,
like making fancy whippey cream treats and making sloppy samiches.
Plus I finally tried that Pumpkin Cheesecake I've been meaning to try...
and wow.

Plus I got some lotion that smells like pumpkin pie,
and as we all know,
I lumme some Punkun Pie.
I also kept thinking about last night,

and Harry Potter,

and Two Headed Roommates,

and Organic Broccoli,

and Power Drills,

and plus also ph levels.
(I refuse to explain that last one)

How was your day?

Also, if you scroll down to the next post,
listen to "Parentheses",
which I think is absolutely my new favorite song.
(for now)

love, rudi

happy thanksgiving!

We began this morning by setting the stove on fire :)
And hopefully the pumpkin mousse I tried to make (twice, ugh)
will come out right.
The butter I accidentally made while "whipping the cream" turned out pretty good, though,
Michaela, mom, and I ate some on toast last night while my stepfather Ben taught us how to play poker.
That was awesome,
because I won.

I'm getting to excited for Thanksgiving!! We always go to our friend's the Pushard's house to eat, and Mrs. Colette Pushard is probably the number one cook of all time
(except maybe my boyfriend's mom Sue- wow)

love, rudi

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I've been editing pictures on flickr,
which to all you photo camera people is laughable,
but I'm actually really impressed with the way some of my not so good pictures are
turning out.
Here's a few fine examples.

My favorite, though, has to be the one of David, my german exchange student from last year, who let me and Michaela dress him up and take pictures.
What a keeper.
Good night, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

love, rudi

Yaay! I'm done with my French homework!
I'm very surprised my teachers gave me so much homework over the break. I think they did it thinking no other teacher would give us anything to do,
but unfortunately, that is not how things happened.

I want to do some sort of Thanksgiving-ey post at some point, but I'm not sure when I'll have time. Here's one thing I'm thankful for: the fact that my aunt is my boss, and my cousins are my coworkers. Otherwise I'd have been fired months ago.

I'm also thankful for the fact that Katy Perry is famous, and doesn't attend UT, because I wouldn't have a boyfriend anymore if she, rudi

I was supposed to be at work three hours ago

I think maybe I know why I can't stop browsing the internet,
even though I want to get off and start creating my own stuff.
I feel very blocked off from the world where I am,
and maybe this is me reaching out.

I'm gonna go with that as a right answer.

love, rudi

I liked showing myself off so much yesterday, I'm gonna do it again today!
We have our first run through of my friend Spencer's play tonight- I'm so excited to be back in the theater!
Wish me luck!

love, rudi

more more more!

okay! I had a few nonsensical stories to share,
but they were all blown away by the extremeness of this sweater.
If I was rich, if I was awesome,
I would pay the 250 dollars asked for it.


but look! I just uncovered some MORE forgotten dianas!!!

love, rudi

My Mom Has a Craft Room

There's me this morning. I got a haircut, and found an amazing yellow sweater with an unrealistically soft fur collar.
I felt glamorous all day.

More later,

love, rudi

Now clean it up right now

I got a haircut!!
Pictures tomorrow,
but I feel great today!

thank you ticktickticktock for the picpicpicpok

love, rudi

"Victoria! :( If you were here I would scoop you in my arms and hold you like a baby animal and feed you all sorts of treats and ice cream."
- my friend from GSA, Taylor Schulz, one of the most talented and beautiful people I know

That just made my day, which has not been a good one at all.

But here's those diana's I promised!

and even though these are not good at all, as far as diana photos go,
They're the best I've taken, I think.

love, rudi