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Vacation Photos

Here are a [few] photos from my vacation to Connecticut and New York City from earlier this month! I'm proud that I actually managed to carry my heavy camera around with me everywhere, which was no small feat for my already whiney-achey body. 

The NY part of the trip was paid for by my school, but thanks to Truchi's habit of annually visiting his family in CT I had a companion the whole time! I was so happy to have him with me- vacations are just so much more fun if you're not alone, and even more fun when you bring your best friend.

I miss it so bad!!

love, rudi

4th of July Party, sans Rudi

Since I don't have photos of my own 4th of July holiday,
which consisted of poolside lounging, rib-eating, and dancing with the Ecuadorian family who lives behind Mario's house at their pig roast. Why do I not have pictures of these amazing adventures? Because Yes.

So look at this post from From Me To You instead! It seriously made my night (that and the cake batter ice cream I just had) and I can't even tell you how flustered I am to know that this event happened the weekend I arrived here in Connecticut, really close to where it happened in Manhattan. It just gets my giggly goat. Giggly. Goat.  

I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos as much as I did,
because they reminded me how pretty life can be sometimes.

love, rudi