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Hello Hello!

Hello my beloved bloggers!

I have good news and bad news. 

1) I'm officially moved in at Stephens College!! I completely love it here- the school is so wonderful I can't even talk enough about it.
2) My school blog is up and running! Check it out here!!

Now the bad news. That other blog is up an running, but I am also up and running at nearly the same speed. Of course, things are just beginning and orientation activities are consuming my life, so it may just be that I need to get accustomed to college life and then make time to play internet. However, I am once again forced to offer up a disclaimer to all of you that I might me missing in action for a while. BUT I will be posting regularly (twice a week if not more) on the Stephens blog- so if it's me you all are craving for that's where I'll be!

Thank you so much for being patient, 
but more importantly thank you so much for your support and readership in the first place. I love blogging because I have a place to put all my discoveries, but it was so lonely around here without you. 

Keep in touch,

love, rudi

This is my new dream living room.Doesn't this look wonderful?

I've have a pretty crazy life recently,
and I'll tell you all about it as soon as I can find a second to sit down at the computer 
(this doesn't count haha!)

But right now I have to force myself to get up and start packing for college!
I've waited far, far too long to get this particular show on the road. 

Hope your summers are coming to a graceful end!

love, rudi

I love Imogen Heap.

And I also love Janelle Monae. 

Ahhhhhhhh their adorable is music to my ears.

love, rudi

Ohhh yuck.

What a wonderful week, crushed by a terrible, terrible ending. 

You all may (hopefully?) have noticed my lack of, well, anything in the blog world this past week or so 
(dare I say two weeks? Surely not!)
because I've been savoring my last week with Chris.

That's right- last week. Until Thanksgiving, or maybe Christmas break.
We've had a really great week, half in his town and half in mine, and I really can't complain about a single thing- except that our week had to end.

I do realize this is way, overly mushy, and that my mother/grandma/aunt/(dad?) who have read this blog are currently rolling their eyes and getting icky slimy feelings in their stomachs. But I'm okay with that. 
I just miss my boyfriend. He's just way fun.

Plus Sadie will miss him. She told me that they're best friends. 
Can you argue with that?

So I should be back into the world of the internet now, instead of the world of real life.

Here's a juicy tidbit for you, though.
When I was in Tennessee with Truchi we went to see a concert.
These guys:
Of Montreal, for those poor souls who are currently un-informed

and this little lady happened to be there

It's Janelle Monae!! For reall!!!

and they sang this!

And it made me and Truchi's week cooler- although it was near perfect to begin with anyway.

Tune in tomorrow, when I tell you about my disgusting internet discovery. I'll give you a clue- it has to do with eyeliner, plastic bags, and severe, society-crippling amounts of vanity.

love, rudi
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