My Plans

on Tuesday, October 06, 2009

1) I slept until noon today, which was actually really hard because I kept waking up. But I always forced myself to go back to sleep. Who am I to wake up early on Fall Break?
2) I plan on waking up early tomorrow and spending the morning at the coffee house.
Me and Michaela are trying to pull together a little photo project that hopefully should work out pretty well...
3) Just ate some Honey Nut Cheerios :)
4) Added some Count Chocula to my left over cheerio milk :))
5) Now I really need to brush my teeth, and I really don't want to...which is gross but truuueee!
6) I miss Chris.

Today I am going to make a lot of lists and share a lot of pictures. Because, Guess what?
This was my 100th post.

love, rudi

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