my week was.......

on Friday, October 16, 2009

Here are the reasons this week was a good week:

1) It started out with Chrissy! That boy makes me laugh more than anyone in the planet,
and on certain rainy days
all you really need is giggles.
2) It's so fall-icious out. The trees are a really great yellowred this year. Maybe it's something with the sudden dip in the weather?
Nonetheless, me and mom have scheduled a leaf walk with Sadie. I can't wait to see our collection!
3) We just got a houseload of insulation for our drafty house! That means a warm winter, and that means a happy Rudi.
4)Halloween decorations in the coffeehouse!
5) Yeah, just in general: Halloween is coming! I want to carve up punkuns, drink Hot Apple Cider, and eat at least one and a half punkun pies a week.
Plus do this to a cat:
6) Today my family went to the animal shelter where we volunteered yesterday and decided to
sponsor an animal!!
And that means that no longer how long she'll have to wait for the perfect family to find her,
she'll be safe from the terrible quarantine room (you can guess what goes on there).
AND whatever family falls in love with her (much like we did, though we have NO room for a puppy dog) can take her home for free!
My stepdad Ben fell in love with a beautiful Queensland Heeler, and we named her Adrian.
Isn't she loverly?

She was so sweet and mild tempered, and cuddled with us in the play room. And she gave baby Sadie kisses and didn't freak out when Sadie tried to ride her.
That's a good dog.
And I can't tell you how great I feel.

7) Had an unusually healthy paycheck this week :)

8) Mel met with me last night to work on my monologue for GSA college day!
I'm not half as nervous as I was this time yesterday. She's so good at what she does. I've got a great feeling about the whole thing....

9) I just realized- and this may be a bad thing, but I'm pretty sure it's good, that I would eagerly spend $30 on an amazing birthday present for my cousin that I would love to own,
yet I would never spend that much money on myself.
If there wasn't the slightest risk of that certain cousin looking at my blog,
I would share with you all what I had in mind.

10) I slept so much.
So, so much.
And I love love love it.
So much.

11) Every single meal I've eaten this week
(besides the rare leftover of Mom's cooking or a bowl of cereal)
has been Olive Garden's delightful Gnocchi Soup
And I am currently eating the last bowl of the
gallon and a half
of it I bought.

Hope your week was as awesome as mine!!

love, rudi

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