On a Lazy Sunday

on Sunday, October 18, 2009

My little dream of opening up a shop (of SOME sorts- whether it be brownies or boots)
would be so much more realistic if I was a good cook.
I want to be, though, so bad.

Last week, while driving to Knoxville,
Michaela told me,
"That's one of my favorite things about you, Victoria- you love fancy food!"
And I like to keep that little compliment far away from the "Lost and Forgotten"
section of my mind where most information ends up.

But this morning, after convincing myself to get out of bed at eleven AM (It's already three?!?)
I plopped down on the couch (already inhabited by my darling mother)
and read some old Real Simple magazines my Aunt Patty gave me.
And wow.
Oh, wow.

There's another dream job- I would love to work for Real Simple.
Except, I kind of lack the whole "organized" culture they have...
but I can dream, can't I?

So here's some excerpts of Real Simple stuff
that caught my eye this morning.

Let's start with the food :)

First, Stuffed Apples, which I have
1) Never heard of before and
2) Cannot wait to eat

The other pictures are pretty self-explanatory,
and I'm heavily considering making the Jerk Chicken for dinner tonight,
sort of like a "End of Fall Break" mourning feast.

Plus, this little bowl of delight from the Real Simple websitesounds especially inviting today. I'm really missing my Gnocchi soup...

and a pretty haircut, with pretty eyes, and a pretty headband.

and in celebration of a pleasant morning reading a pleasant magazine,
I made myself quite a pleasant breakfast.

love, rudi

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