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now I deserve some sleep


I took a

a few months ago,
and a few minutes ago,
let a


Wish me luck, and wish me courage.

But most importantly luck.

I'm in love with a girl named Jexx

So, as I said before, I went to Lexington,
and I had the greatest time.

First I visited Cameron:
and he showed me his school Transy because maybe that will be my school too.

On to Steak 'n' Shake, Half Price Books, and then back to the dorms, where I did
the WORST parking job anyone has EVER made.

Then to Mason's:

(who has the swine flu, but made me walnut pancakes for breakfast anyway)
And we giggled and talked all night during our very real sleepover.

But then, THEN.

My beautiful friend JesseFox

who graduated a long time ago (Three years? Four years?)
took my picture!

Many, many, many times, and they are
THE most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of myself.

Aren't they awesome?!
She's the best photographer I have ever met, and I had such a great time catching up with her!
She made me so comfortable, and I wasn't nervous to pose. She didn't even care when I ran a red light (her husband Macy says it was two).

And a big thank you too Roscoe, the guy with the beard (I want to say Jason, but I know that's not right) Hula-Hoop girl, and guy with the hat.

But the bottom line is,
and I cannot WAIT to see what else came out of that photo shoot.

love, rudi

Weekend fun times!!!

I am so excited!!

I'm leaving in about an hour for Lexington, and seeing Cameron and Mason,
and hopefully Ann and JohnBowe.

But tomorrow, that's when the fun starts...

The beautiful JesseFox is doing my senior pictures!
Here's some of her work:

I just hope mine turn out just as awesome!!
wish me luck (and clear skin....) !!

love, rudi

poem, and picture, but mostly poem

i do not believe the world is so concrete:
that energy can be cupped in your hand,
a feeling happiness spread by action,
love is contained to the body and mind,
or that people live before they die.

I'm looking forward to the next few years. love, rudi

More photos! Good for making you feel better.

Sorry I've been totally overdoing it with the photos, but I simply can't stop my addiction.
But I really am posting something original soon.
After this weekend I'll have plenty of little tales.

(I think this one is my favorite cause it's so sweeet)

(or this one...)

i hope you enjoyed these pictures....
love, rudi

photos? photos?

These are pictures I tried really hard to send to Jess Fox.
I like them a lot,
so I thought I would share them.
coming soon:
*Photos from Ireland
*Photos of me
love, rudi

Home again, Home again

My Fa-Fa is home!!!

She spent a lovely week playing, going to church, eating great food, and "fishing" in a hole in the back yard with Mamaw Jan.

I have to say I envy her...

Truch an Rudi

I think we're gorgeous.

me and Kaela, thus the definition of

This is Kaela and me, we decided.

This is also Kaela and me:

new toys!!

I know what I want for Christmas,

Man Oh man.

That's it. Right there.
( plus maybe a fisheye lens to go with it...but only if I'm really good this year)
It will make my fancy digital camera
Take Diana photos.
I almost pooped. Because, honestly, I am not so good with film. all....
plus, I'm cheap. And this costs twelve dollars.
Did I mention twelve dollars?
Plus, Hypnotized by Ani Difranco is currently one of my absolute favorite songs...

me an' diane

I like to think this is me a little.
love, rudi

Happy Birthday Mags!!!

Although I know my boyfriend will laugh at me, I really loved this music video.

But he will not laugh at this one.
Well, he will laugh, but not at me.

This dog is awesome.

This swan is brave.

love, rudi

photos. when it blogs, it pours.

i want to live in this.

from here, a new favorite.

love, rudi

from 5:30 to 6:: in the evening

The house is empty and we're out
of pasta sauce. I even checked the pantry but it
was empty except for mushrooms and thin rice noodles. So
I put Basil and olive oil on my tortellini but i
won't be doing that again. i made tea and let it
steam for a long time, and
the whistles warned me please, and i said no for a while
and i looked for some tea. i thought
my usual brackish stuff, but the tin was
empty. chunked out the three year old chai tea, and it
had brown dots in it but i spooned it into the cup anyway. and then
later, after adding a short living ice cube,
did it again. and now
the swirls in my cup look like galaxies but
they taste like water with weeds.
and i'm shoruh the couple restored is actually
the couple from that book i read
where the mother
was selfish, and the father
in his ideas.

love, rudi

quite overdue, a new poem from my boy

It was summer
But Autumn’s breath swept
Through the air.
And for the first time,
In a long time,
Stirred the hairs upon me legs
As I clutched the flap of coat
And brought it
Across my chest.

poem from Truchi, photos from here

love, rudi

christmas card photos, anyone?

So I was looking through some photos today
and remembered last year's Christmas card.
And frankly, I forgot how funny we are.

dimitri's message- the ultimate douche

I can't believe people like this acutally exist.

Dimitri left a message for Olga,
and I am pretty sicked out...

This is most likely Dimitri.

And This is probably Olga.

I found the message on Natalie's blog, which is one of my favorites.