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My Little Baby

So the vet visit went well,
and the doc told me all my baby needed was a little dose here and there until she's up and running again.
So I give her a tiny syringe of yellow yucky,
and wake up every 2 hours to feed and cuddle with her.

She started drinking from the bottle again,
and fell asleep on a full, happy belly,
but my poor little Little didn't wake up again. 

But I'm just happy I had her for what little time I did,
and based on her frequent purring and whining to be cuddled all the time,
I think she was happy about that, too.

love, rudi

Bing Bing Fing!

Two weeks ago I rescued a baby kitty kitty  from the animal shelter, and we named her Bing Bing Fing. 

I. Love. My kitty. She's the cuddliest little kitter cat ever and her little squeak-meow is the most adorable little sound.

She's been growing wonderfully and has started exploring her little world more and more,
but this morning she wasn't doing too well, and I'm taking her to the vet today. She's not eating, and her little eyes look so sleepy. Not to mention she's not crawling around exploring like usual...

Wish me luck, I really hope my little baby is going to be okay.

love, rudi

I've been digging around a whole bunch on Etsy, and I've got some neat finds! 

This print says "I am the fly on the wall" in Hebrew. It'd be the most awesome random art to have!

This little purse isn't usually my type of style, but I love it so much!
Aylla (who's having a sale right now!)

These towels are the best! Grrrr I wish I had a kitchen to put them in!

I'm seriously crushing on these rabbit napkins, and they're on some serious sale. 

I love this dinosaur so much. This is probably my pick of the day!

love, rudi

You Smell of Apples Headbands!

"Check out this out!", as baby Sadie would say. I finally started up my Etsy shop! 
Here's the Link! Shop You Smell of Apples! 

Check me out!

love, rudi

(can I just mention how long it's been since I've used the 'accomplishment' tag? A while.)

I found the cutest new shop! It's time like these, which occur oh-so-often, that I wish I had a kitchen and, likewise, a kitchen table to use all this stuff in.

Hope you enjoyed House 8810!
Oh, and just a little heads-up to The Boyfriend, mom says she totally wants that umbrella.

love, rudi

After panicking over my math homework,
which basically reinforced my already stone-set belief that I will never be able to own anything nice in the 'real world' or live in anything other than near poverty,
I decided to gawk and whimper over beautiful things that I will never own but always want to.

All from my favorite, Anthropologie. 

Online window shopping always depresses me. 

love, rudi

Yard Sale Treasures!

Why is this chicken salad on toast the best I've ever had?

Anyway- check out what I found at that estate sale the other day!

And some of this delicious stuff will be turned into MORE delicious stuff to sell at my new Etsy shop! 
Oh, and my online math class starts today. Ick. 

love, rudi

Mini-Vacation: Columbus

So many photos from our mini-vacation!! For the most part they're self explanatory, but here's a quick list of what we did while in Columbus.

1. Visited cousin Terry's house and beautiful garden for the first time.
2. Went to a family reunion, where there were a lot of babies. It was a side of the family I don't really know at all, so it was a big surprise toes so many young'uns!
3. Went to the zoo!

Hope you enjoyed! And here's an interesting fact: I've still got tons more to go!

love, rudi