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All these from decor8
Daniel Douglas
In case you haven't noticed from the zillions of photos I've been posting, 
I'm TOTALLY loving the internet right now!
But tonight I'll be taking my own pictures
in Knoxville
while I watch Flogging Molly and Passion Pit
with my two bestest friends and my boy!!!
Best Friday Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
love, rudi

All the photos from this talented girl

Aren't these just amazing? 
I wish I could take photos like these....
Maybe some day I'll get there :)

love, rudi

love, rudi

OH Pascal!
I think I get caught up reading in other people's blogs so much that I forget I have one, too.
from Jesse Fox's facebook

Wanna see some leftovers from my life?
They're mostly from my skanky Saturday night at an empty dance club in Barbourville.
What a night, though.
Fun fun fun fun fun.

I hate math. HOW IS THIS AN ANSWER?!?!?!

love, rudi


love, rudi

Soo....this couch
has made me change my mind about doing theater
and instead I'm going to be an accountant or lawyer
JUST so I can buy things like this.

love, rudi

Abby Try Again
I love love all these photos so much. 
I would really love a print of the last one...

And my lack of an income is making me itch.
I really hate not earning any money- 
not that I spend it often,
but I never seem to have enough to make me comfortable. 

Luckily I'm a professional internet window shopper
and depressing myself by browsing through clothes I will probably never afford 
is a favorite hobby of mine ;).

For example:

If you can't tell, Anthropologie is my haunt of choice today.
I'm feeling pretty weak in the knees now....
I think I'll go lay down.

Good night.
 love, rudi

"In 2008, American space agency NASA beamed the Beatles song "Across the Universe" into deep space to send a message of peace to any alien that happens to be in the region of Polaris -- also known as the North Star -- in 2439."


Uhm, didj'ya'll know about this?

Cause I was totally caught off-guard... 


My mommy comes home from Maine tonight!

I've missed her a lot for some reason this trip. 

love, rudi 

Me and Sadie have had a pretty fun night watching her favorite baby animals.
Except the first thing she asked for after waking up from her nap was to look at some octopus'. 
So we did that first.

But now 
( and don't tell her cause it's a secret)
it's time for B-E-D.

Goodnight, you.

love, rudi

I'm not sure whose hair I want most.....

dainty squid

And I can't stop looking at blog templates

I wish I knew how to make them.

I think I really do spend too much time on the internet....
I'm gonna go play dress up.
love, rudi

Just a few things I want to mention today:

I have two new followers! 
One is my friend Mel,
and the other is dori the giant
(whose blog I am in LOVE with)

To celebrate I have some pictures 
and something I tried to make in a sorry attempt at something Dori-ey,
OH, woe to me.
Rudi's try...



I'm a blogger cheater because I got all my photos from the same place?
....I'm gonna vote no.

Have a great Sunday, 
I should have pictures of my fun night last night up a little later!

love, rudi

Me and my stepdad had a great time laughing at this website today.
I haven't heard Ben laugh that much in a long time.

I've been so busy the past few days,
writing last minute essays and attending German Birthday Parties
that I've gotten out of the habit of posting...

maybe today I'll make up for it
and post way more than I should.

love, rudi

I found this on dori the giant
hers is one of my favorite new blogs,
although I don't completely understand it yet,
I'm absolutely fascinated by it. 

Good work Dori,
I'm pro-you.

Oh Sweet Beautious Shoes

Awww man,

So maybe it's because I've spent the last 48 hours thinking about nothing but clothes,
(my TeenVogue came in the mail and I spent part of the day being interviewed about my closet,
talking about Project Runway,
and getting really excited about the next chance I'll have to play dress up in my room...)

but I find it necessary to post today about
Which I'm not usually that into, since I wear the same black flats
every day
But I swear when I get richer and semi famous
I will own these.
All of these.

I think I may be a little too Lolita for my own good.

....dang. Now back to answering questions about the history of relationships between Puritains and
the Native Americans....

love, rudi