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Hey guys. I've got some
photos of the set I helped build
for All My Sons. 

See the little branches hanging from the top? I thought that was a really great touch.

I'm seriously proud of this set- everyone did such a wonderful job on it. A student here, Brandon, designed the set and another student Emily designed all the lights. And, as you can see, they really did an exceptional job.

The show itself was really good, too. It's probably one of the best works of theater I've seen, although my experience with shows is relatively limited compared to most other people here, but everyone else seems very satisfied with the production as well.

But in a week we'll tear this baby down. Ahhh the theater.

love, rudi

It's been a long time, long time now

I can't explain how difficult it is for me these days.
Usually my blog is a place like home, where I can tell you, whoever you are, whether readers or my diary or myself, 
what I'm going through and record how what my body or mind or soul is experiencing.
Now it's all canned laughter and
I'm afraid to show my new blog I'm unhappy. 

There's been so much, and I've recorded so little. 

love, rudi