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Spent two days in Greeneville with the boyfriend,
and we were so proud after making a successful at-home dinner date of shish kabobs, local new potatoes, and cream corn. 
Fancy eclairs and bear claws from Peggy Ann's Bakery for dessert. :)  

And now, back at home, I have a new workspace for my blogging and art-ing! 

Also, wish me a big hunk of good luck for tomorrow morning- I have a job interview at a Greek restaurant! I need a job really bad, so send me some good vibes!

love, rudi 

Seraphine de Senlis

I watched the movie Seraphine late last night, about the French cleaning lady who became a famous painter. It was just the type of thing I needed to see. The stills look like paintings themselves, and no matter how deep into the internet I search, I can't seem to find any prints of her work.

But my future apartments wants to be covered in Seraphine prints. It wants to.

love, rudi

We have a good time. :)
I wish being unemployed and home for summer meant spending lots of time having adventures together, 
but alas. 
I also miss my dorm room, and having a place to put all my crap.
Cross your fingers that I figure out that job thing pretty soon. I've applied all over, and now it's up to them! All those bosses must just be oblivious to how totally adorable and personable I am.

love, rudi

Asheville state of mind today...
Doesn't baba ganoush sounds great? 

I"m finally unpacking my clothes and beginning to sort through the wants and don't wants I brought home from school. I'm in a deep need of closet slimming.

love, rudi

Wish #1:
Don't get stuck in the weird yellow rut Corbin sucks me into. 
I hate to lose 10 months worth of hard work and lessons by slipping back into the lifelessness of the pretty but empty Kentucky. The one where I sleep but there's not reason to wake up anyway.

love, rudi

Found this fabric on citycraftonline. Wouldn't it make a neat-o mini dress? Oohhh with a white top....
I want to learn how to sew this next year. I've been looking around for a sewing machine to use this summer and hopefully take back to the dorm once school starts again. My friend Chloe makes dresses often and I'm pretty sure she needs to share her know-how with me. 

Oh, and for all you not-my-mom-or-boyfrienders out there, my first year of school is OV-ER and I am so so happy about that. College is fun and all that, but I really worked my ass off this year. I'm hoping for a summer of art, reading, and working for actual payment. I applied at Starbucks yesterday, we'll see how that goes :)

I'm switching majors from Theatre to Graphic Design and Creative Writing. So exciting!! Hopefully my new knowledge will help me become a better blogger. That's always the goal, right?

Here's a few finds from that I pulled today. I'm trying to build up an even bigger collection of inspiration for my oncoming semester in the big-bad design world. Lord I'm excited!

love, rudi