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I've got a few photos for you from my adventures,
but unfortunately,
because my camera is very heavy, I am forgetful, and I am a mediocre blogger,
I forgot my camera in the car for most of the trip.

But I did manage to get a few shots that turned out half decent!
On the long journey me and Mom and Mel got mustachios and lips

One of my favorite stores in Columbia is Maude V.
I bought a shirt and sweater,
and then a skirt,
and I didn't even feel bad for spending so much moolahs because everything was
so. beautiful.
I'll take a picture of my new clothses in a minute...

And also Mel looked adorable all weekend,
and met a new friend named Eric IMMEDIATELY
who was totally awesome and currently shooting a short film.

And my favorite-est Uncle Mike came to visit us for the day!!!!
Exporing the town and being congenial to college administrators is so much more fun/ easy with him around backing me up.
I seriously love this man.

I met a lot of really amazing girls this weekend, too,
and I didn't not like a single person I met.

The college was amazing, the town was full of adventure, and
I want to be a Stephens girl.

love, rudi

THANKS for all the good luck wishes!
I especially loved the quotes, Craig

I think you all really helped me rock it this weekend

I'm home safe, and have lots of stories to tell and pictures to show,

but my current energy level i.s only allotting me time to say
I have officially arrived home safe.

I'd love to stay and chat,
but my bed is softly whispering.......

love, rudi

Everyone wish me luck!!

I leave off today with My mommy, Sadie, and friend Mel
to a far off, exotic place known as

I'm competing for a scholarship,
(and hopefully spending a little time with my favorite little leprechaun)
so send me all of your
pretty (seriously)
vibes so I can do my best to stun the crowd!!!

Don't miss me too much!
((And Mason, feel free to call me sometime. I miss you!))

I just felt like posting these again,
because I really especially love them,
and I'm in the mood for pretty, soft clothes.

And not in the mood for math homework :(

love, rudi

MAH! Here they aaaare!
The most beautiful men who are dead
that I can think of!

And it was a bit hard to rack my brain looking for the perfect ones,
and although I still feel like I'm missing someone,
I am very satisfied with my choices.

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando Streetcar 1948 dImage via Wikipedia

Gregory Peck

Lewis Carroll

Heath Ledger
(he totally counts)
Jim Henson
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Do you all agree?

love, rudi
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hee hee hee!!


awwwww ha ha ha

Just thought you'd all like them funny aminals.

love, rudi

I am so in love with my little sister today! We played in the rain,
and she said some of the cutest things.

"Hey Sadie? What is rain for?" "Uhhhhhhhhhm. Puddles!"

"Sadie, do you want some dry socks on?" "No thank you, just feets."

and then she fell asleep with the farm.

Later me and Daniella went to Goodwill,
and whoa did we find some awesome stuff!
Here's a few of my favorites:

GREAT ties. I was super impressed.
I bought that middle one for my boy,
plus a really ugly skirt for myself.

I don't want to go to bed,
but I don't want to be awake, either...

What to do? What to do?
I hope all of you had a great weekend,
and have an even better week.

love, rudi

This is my new favorite song,

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love, rudi


So I'm working on my Doll's House homework, and looking through Sparknotes to get some input on the author's style (blah blah blah)
and I totally love reading this blog they have on there.

For instance, once the author was talking about how to tell if your best friend has a crush on you,
and why it's hard to have pals that don't go to your school
(for instance, if they talk about people you don't know and all they know are inside jokes,
sound familiar Chris?).
These things totally crack me up,
But this last one was my total favorite:

The author was talking about why it sucks to have crushes on book characters,
and she told us all the authors she had a crush on back in the day.
Here they are:

Thomas Jefferson
Oscar Wilde
Lord Byron
aaand I forget this guy's name

But I thought this was hilarious! And now I want to make my own list of old dead guys I love...

so expect one of those pretty soon.
But not now! Because it's
(drumroll please)
Ttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime to get ready for work!!!!

(if you click on the link, that's me in the brown shirt :)

I'm looking forward to it,
because I'm tired of being in the house,
and there's music tonight.

Good night.

love, rudi


My eyeballs hurt,
and my plans for tonight were canceled,
and that, my friends,

makes a lonely night.

love, rudi

today I was voted most likely to be famous in my high school.
ma ha-ha ha-ha.


So, was just looking at some pictures on
my parents were awesome...

...people can just be so cool.
I hope I end up as awesome as all these guys.
I hope you end up that way too.