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Today I'm working on more scholarship stuff,
and I was looking through photos of myself, trying to find one appropriate to attach to my resume,
aaaannnd I'd forgotten how awesome some of my senior pictures are.
Seriously, Jesse Hanson Fox is amazing.

Oh hooo, fun times.

love, rudi

a shot in the dark from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

Ohhhh. My god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.

I knew life was awesome.
But I had no idea it was so gorgeous.

love, rudi

Just wanna say,

John Mayer is awesome.

love, rudi

I've decided to stop being not-fun, and start posting like I used to.
It's oh-so-true that my workload has SUDDENLY TRIPLED from nothing to LOTSo'things,
but I've decided that really is no excuse for not wasting my time on the computer sharing pictures and new songs I find/love with ten (TEN! WAHOO! Welcome Brittany!) like-minded internet addicts.

Ohh, love.

So here. I'm back, and I missed you.

(this photo makes me want to grow my hair back out really bad)

I'm just really diggin the whole pink dress fairy tale thing right now...

And I really want to do this in my dorm room
providing my room mate is as awesome or non-existent as I've imagined her to be...

(thank you kate-maggie, and I love your blog by the way,
but I do disagree with your choice in coffee distributors- bleck!)

I really miss Chris today.
I wish we could go for a drive.

love, rudi

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Sorry I've not been very interesting lately,
I've been dealing with this:

Ew. Ew. Ew.
And the gross part is, College will probably double this stack.

love, rudi

Wooohoooooo let's talk about last night.
It was definitely way less-cool of a Saturday night than many other people had,
but I swear I haven't giggled so much in a while!

My mom is in charge of foreign exchange students,
and sometimes we have special little parties and things for everyone to get together.
Last night all the students cooked lasagna for their parents.

I was in charge of making butter hearts.

And discovering where things were in the church kitchen.
This was labeled the spoon drawer.

I thought that was really funny.

And I learned how to make little napkin birds!

with my new best friends!

But the fun part was at the end of the night! When me and Mel
(whom I am getting to be better and better pals with)
had the funnest job ever of doing the dishes!!!

These are about half of the cooking dishes.
And this is the stack of salad dressing bowls.

So take that number of salad dressing bowls, and add that many
salad plates
lasagna plates
dessert bowl
coffee mugs
and three times as many silverware,
along with the additional giant sized pots and pans used for making sauce and cheese mixtures and blah blah blah blah.
Oh. My. God.
We were washing dishes for about 2 hours.

Despite the unanswerable question of why we volunteered to do those dishes,
we had a lot of fun, and did nothing but giggle and make fun of people we didn't know.

And I bet this was one of the most boring posts ever.

Sorry, ya'll.

love, rudi

I got a 30 on my ACT!

And that's a really big deal, because I am very proud of myself.
It sounds silly, but I'd gotten 28's several times in a row, and my goal was a 30.
So....I got it.
And the fact that I met that specific goal makes me

Not bad for an illiterate Kentucky girl, eh?

love, rudi

the breeze is warm, and so is my car.
And the melted snow bloats the earth outside
so my brown shoes, with every squishy step
slowly ruin.

Today I think we can officially welcome Spring.

And it was so sorely missed.

love, rudi

Meet Winni!
She is my new German exchange student, for those of you not in the know

I just wanted to share a few pictures from yesterday with you.
It was Winni's birthday yesterday,
so she made the family a [DELICIOUS] homemade vanilla apple pie.
Normal or not- I like the way they do birthdays.

Also Sadie spent the entire day in her jammies.

I wish this picture wasn't fuzzy :(

Oh, and the hair I was talking about:

...that you can't really see...
mostly I'm posting this because Truchi begs for picture of me.

Here's my favorite versions of one of my favorite songs!
Dance, cry, laugh, do what you will,
just enjoy.

love, rudi

A gross as it is,
I really want to own this sweater:

and also all of these things:

from urban outfitters, american apparel, and forever21
also, I am a big fan of my own hair today. It's being very nice to me.

Also, I'm getting a little sick and tired of all these not comments you guys have been leaving me,
or not leaving me.

Here's some music to inspire you as you write me a little message,
just so I know you all are still alive :)

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love, rudi

Happy Valentines Day!!
How was everyone's weekend? Mine was goood.
I picked up Chris in Knoxville, and we
DIDN'T have reservations at a nice restaurant like he promised
("They were all full up when I called! I swear!")
but we DID get Bubble teas ( my new favorite!!) at the Cereal Bar and
had delicious greasy hamburgers and huge thick fries from Shelley, Idaho.
And that was amazing.
Of course, over our weekend of virtually doing nothing
(and yet having time to do nothing, either)
but watch movies and spend money,
we once again failed to do as we promised to each other and forgot to take pictures.
Except for two!!!
So here they are!!

This week my mom is in New Orleans with our neighbor Sam,

so me and Benny have custody of the baby!!

And it's potty training time...

Wish us luck!
love, rudi