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art student

HEEE I have a friend who this is.

ciabatta bread:

Today started off REALLY gross.
Like, my bagel was too dry and I had a KILLER hard math test first thing
then the bathroom lights went all crazy on me at school, and they were flickering and I
peed in the dark.
which was gross and made the bad smells seem ten times worse.
Also, it was way too cold in the school and I wore a dress.

on the plus side:
1. I got a letter from my Finnish family yesterday! Everything's official and they sound WONDERFUL
2. I got to come home early from school for an orthodontist appointment
3. I'm eating a really good sandwich.
4. I officially have a fun-filled weekend planned.
5. I have no homework

Here's a nice picture to brighten up your day:
Whoever you may be, because I don't think anyone has actually looked at my blog yet haha.


I don't know who this person is, but I think this is one of my favorite photos of all time.

today was very hot. And I am so sick of wearing jeans all the time, but for some reason I can't convince myself to wear dresses to school.

clothes clothes

This website makes me want to get married real bad.

and this is probably the best website I've ever discovered. My eyes are burning, and I'm slowly realizing how many PEOPLE are in the world.
I mean, I thought I knew, but jesus christ.

It's just so sad, because I have a feeling that most of them only dress up like this when they're home alone.

Kind of like I do...


I used to really hate Sundays, but today is a good one.
I slept in way too late, and my family is in town. I have a feeling my friend Chris is going to come see me, and my favorite white dress is clean. My aunt and uncle's dog played outside with Sadie and me, but Sadie kept smacking Lili's ears. Lili doesn't like her much anymore.


It's about seventy degrees outside and my family is gardening. Everything's covered with this sweet sunshine orange and the breeze smells like Barbados.
I feel like barefoot and stores.

These photos are from one of my favorite photographers of all time.
She fits most of my moods, and always brings me back to neutral.


My mamaw's here!! I think she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. She just makes me feel clean and home grown, and I like that feeling. She makes me feel rich.


kate o'brien is a genius. I want my pictures done by her for some large event, like my wedding,
my death, or my bar mitzvah.

Although the other two events will probably never happen, I will have a bar mitzvah.

Today Patrick and I decided that we are cool people, just not here, and that everyone thinks we're clever and fun, just none of the people we are around all the time.
Our social snobbery at least keeps us not frowning.

'We but half express ourselves, and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents.' -Ralph Waldo Emerson


I felt like I was in the past. not as is I went back, but as if it was pulled forth to my school desk and the color of the walls was the faded cement of the 80's. I was already remembering how terribly trendy everyone dressed, and our grandchildren laughing at our senior portraits on the hallway walls because our hairstyles were so bad. I see myself already remembering the stinking white stink that crept out from the walls and how it was later found out that mold was growing out of the vents, and how strange it was that people were only sad for two days or so when that boy died in a car crash.

I'm still listening to Ben Kweller.....nonstop.

This is from probably the cutest and most pretentious magazine ever, and i love it.


Look! I finally found this picture of me petting a baby donkey and a leedle pony. We drove past in and had to stop.
I don't think I've ever seen anything so cute.

I think I've decided that when I get older, meaning about forty eight, I'll get a farm. And I'm going to have clean animals that never smell bad, learn how to cook really good food, and wear things like this all the time:


I have more prom pictures.
They are so much fun I can't stand it.

Yes, that's a moustache. I actually bought a set of moustaches from this girl for Chris' parents for Christmas, and Sue put flowers on it for me.
since corsages are gross.

dancy dance

Prom pictures are here!
We had such plans to take all sorts of pictures, but we simply ran out of time.

We still had time to get some TCBY, though.

this is us.

this is trevor.

Saturday the Spring

It's so SPRINGY today!

When I think of Spring I think of blown out pictures and these creepy vintage Easter things my mom collects.

My mom's are vintage, but this girl makes them, too.

Tennessee is beautiful right now. I drove down here yesterday, and had a microwaved egg for breakfast.

Chrissy showed me this:

You can appreciate it more at their website.

And I showed him Ben Kweller.
We danced to Sundress.

And upon getting ready this morning, I finally realized what it was I forgot to pack...


I'm in the same dress I came in yesterday.

Friday Morning, my clock is twenty minutes fast

Dear Moonbow Coffeehouse:

You make my mornings beautiful.

For starters...

Let's begin with the people I'm usually around.

This is David, my brother. He's not actually my brother, but enough so that he feels comfortable enough to walk around the house in his panties.

He's a German. Which is WayFun.

Tonight he gets back from San Fransisco. I went in January (I'll show you pictures!) and now it's his turn.
I missed him.

This is my sister Sadie.
She just turned two.
Her favorite color is Lellow. Just ask her, she'll tell you. Over and over and over.

Me and my mom kind of forgot to film her for
the first two years of her life.
And now we're trying to catch up.
Tonight we had spinach pizza for dinner, and
I filmed her crying about it.

This is the boy.
He's extremely Italian, and I met his entire family at the same time in one weekend.

which was awesome.
It was like a whole housefull of the same funny Italian kid.

We have so much fun it's stupid.
But only once a month or so.

He lives far away.

and my mommy.

I love her.

She's the funniest mommie ever.

That's a good briefing, I think. There are two more people missing though....