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Look at it this way...

I'm starting to look for ideas for my publication design class next semester. I love the idea of laying out the ingredients like this- it makes the food look so great, and I like that it shows how complex making a meal can be, or how creative it is on the chef's part to look at round or square ingredients and envision how they'll blend together.

love, rudi

All About Food

Today we went to Durham's Flea Market  to see what all the hype was about. I keep talking about food, but buying handmade mozzarella cheese and locally raised sausage really makes me smile. I might have found a mini-passion here. Plus check out the gorgeous colors on these veggies. North Carolina plants seem to really love flashing their peacock feathers.

We also had a great lunch at Toast, an Italian Sandwich shop downtown. It was so wonderful- I love how creative Durham-ers are with their food! I'm so in love with this place.

love, rudi

Durham, My Love

Mom, Sadie, and I have been spending our first few days in Durham exploring and getting used to this amazing new town. I love it here! There are so many great restaurants that focus on being healthy and use local food. At the grocery we get our milk, eggs, and bread from local farms and bakeries, and there's a festival we're trying to get tickets to entirely based around locally grown cuisine. This might be pretty normal for bigger cities, so I may sound silly to some of you, but after growing up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere for the past ten years it's such a luxury to be able to have choices like this.

This whole town is full of gorgeous little shops and wonderful restaurants, adorable people who always seem to have something interesting to say- I'm not exaggerating, this town might be my soulmate.

 My mom with some Carolina Crunch- homemade ice cream from the 
same local cows we get our milk from! There was a clown making balloon animals for all the kids there, too. We all really got a kick out of that.

The best meal I've had in a long, long time at Parker and Otis. I don't even like tomato soup, but I scooped up all of Sadie's leftovers.

 This is our new backyard, and you can see one of our new cats in the distance there. I made waffles this morning and Sadie decided to eat hers outside.

I'll show you all our new house when we get another sunny day. I truly love rainy weather, but it's not the best for photos sometimes.

love, rudi