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My last post for a while.

I havent been blogging, and there are a few reasons why.

1) I've been really busy! Yesterday I wrote my essay for my Transy application, and mom and I have been working on rigorous house-cleaning sprees. (My room is SO clean!)
2) Me and Sadie have been painting a lot. She's painting right now, actually, while I post this and then do some more college stuff. She likes to hold the paintbrush in her mouth.
3) No one reads this. And maybe my boyfriend reads it, but he talks to me twice a day anyway, so he knows what I'm thinking all the time.

So I think this is officially a cut-off. I'll post pictures, and I think that's as lucky as you'll get.
Unless of course, somebody actually followed my blog. Then I'd go crazy and blog til I dropped.

So here's a few good-bye internet stuff for you to look at, plus a new blog or two.

these are from photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre.

this is for all the boys. Well, and the girls, if they want a good laugh or two.

magnificent bastard answers questions sent in by guys about all things style- or grooming related. It sounds gay as hell, but i think it's really hilarious. Here's an example:

And last, and probably my favorite, here in lunarosa.
She's my new favorite photographer who isn't famous.

good bye.

love, rudi

I had a really great day today.

funny short movie!

I'm giggly.

I love Nandrews
even though I guess he went to film school or something, because now he's
a part of the fancy camera group.

look at this funny!

Creepy, Not Creepy from LB Films on Vimeo.

new york city diana photos!!

I've not been blogging because I've been 'busy'.
Busy starting high school,
visiting my grandmothers (all three!) this past weekend,
registering for the ACT, the SAT, and applying a college or two,
and ripping up the side of my mother's car.

I'm such a teenager.
But NOW I have something to blog about!!!

that don't

and here they are!!
All the way from THE EAST COAST,
(which is a big deal where I'm from)
may I present to you,
:my diana camera photos of New York City:

sooo....pretty freakin proud of myself...

and i told chris i didn't like lion king

This one, too, is a photo I love.


and I have suddenly and completely accidentaly found my new absolutelyfavorite picture.

first day of school, and photos of town which said school resides.

First day of school!

Which I was really nervous about, due to embarrassing and unspeakable tragedies last year-
but it was okay.
and I'm happy for that.

Patrick spent the night last night, and we went around taking pictures of our beautiful town.

There should be more heart-stopping photos up soon...
that is, if me and Patrick get off our lazy butts and actually get some bloggy work done.
we always talk about how bored we are, but we never seem to really do anything about it.

and I promise to put up those (really bad and not even worth looking at) pictures of New York. They're all up. I just need to put words with the pictures.

And sometimes I just don't feel like typing anymore.

But happy news!! I started talking to Jesse-Fox about my senior photos!!!
And they're gonna be RIGHTEOUS because Jesse-Fox is RIGHTEOUS.
But I need ideas.

Are there any ideas?

.....any? all?

love, rudi


I can not get this song out of my head.
And I think my boyfriend could have but probably didn't watch this live in the past two days.

But New York!

Here's a few really bad photos.
and I was going to wait and put little captions next to all of them,
but after a few days I realized.
I'm far too lazy to type a few sentences....

(i probably shouldn't be a blogger)

(i want to see this play, because I want to see her in it)

(all my kids in front of the statue of liberty, kind of)

me and mommy in front of the brooklyn bridge!

(Thank you Chrissy, for the suggestion of Nuts 4 Nuts. I almost didn't find them, but last minute they magically appeared!)

i went to mood!!!

...and saw Thoth in Central Park.

love, rudi

When the Day Breaks

I would be posting awesome New York photos right now,
but my mom has the camera somewhere in TN.

So in the meantime here's one of my favorite little cartoon/ short films.

Chrissy should know about this, unless he was sleeping when it played.
The latter is the more likely.


Love, Rudi

I just realized....


I am going to NEW YORK!!!


Good day: Bad Day

So, summer is almost over, and today it really seemed to hit me.

Some things to be sad about:

1) Working almost 8 hours, with nothing to do the last three
2) Having a good portion of one of those hours listening to some faux-yuppie talk way too loudly about her fun plans for the next 6 months ( the very worst type of yuppie)
3) Itchy legs
4) A swollen/red/burning/ pulsing left eyeball
5) Chris left today :(
6) Having a gross stomach
7) Mona leaves tomorrow
8) No concerts for me

Things to be Happy About:
1) I saw Chris two times in one week. It can't get any better than that, right?
2) Kittens yesterday! I think I might start campaigning to keep the little stripey one
3)This dress exists:

4) Looking at and gasping with amazement/wonder at all the pretty things with Lissy for an hour
5) Valerie just made the absolute best banana muffins I have ever ever eaten
6) I'm going to New York City on Monday
7) My new favorite-ish song

(but sad that it doesn't have a cool viceo...)
8) And eight hours of work means eight hours of pay, which all goes back to said dress:
Or, unsaid dress....