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This is my mood these days. 
What a teenager I've become.

love, rudi

Last night while procrastinating writing an essay on my values
(could there be a more broad essay prompt, by the way?)
I re-discovered my love for wasting time on fashion blogs.
 ohm. em. gee. 

Shoes, cardigan, sunglasses from gargoyle.
I wish I was rich.

love, rudi

I've been craving this song so much that I need easier access to it!

I hope you all are doing quite well- I'm having the time of my life, but it's been surprisingly bittersweet.
You know Truchi, my gorgeous boyfriend?
He's not my boyfriend anymore, and that was a bit of a shock- especially since I was the one that broke things off. I'm trying not to dwell on things but it's hard to try not to be sad. 

On a better note, I've never had so many friends who I love. You can check up on my adventures at

There are a few pretty funny stories there. And pictures galore! 

I love you all. I've missed you!

love, rudi