Flogging Molly Pictures!

on Friday, May 07, 2010

Today was such a good day!
In three of my classes we had substitutes and no work to do
but watch movies about horse races and look at blogs on the internet (My heaven!!!)
and the other teacher decided that it was far too pretty to stay inside the school,
and that it would behoove our 2nd block to play outside.

LUCKILY I had a picnic blanket and a dragon kite in my car!!

Oh what fun!!!!!!

By the way, I believe you've been waiting for these?

Me and Truchi attempting to dance

Patrick :)

Nick and...uhm....Miles?

Mel before getting attacked by a sweaty nearly-naked man!
Also, my mom did my friend Brenda's hair for prom. I thought she did a swell job!

I promised,
I delivered!!

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!

love, rudi

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