on Monday, May 17, 2010

 This past weekend was an especially great one. 
There was a huge sale at the Cracker Barrel of all places, and I snatched up two really nice scarves, a sun hat, snake pick-up-sticks, and an airplane fork for Truchi for ten bucks.

Then I went to Greeneville, and that always means a good time.
 Chris and I had the best dinner Saturday at Chihuahuas, our favorite Mexican restaraunt. 
We ate some delicious food (and not so delicious coffee) outside on the patio with the fairy lights,
and one of the owners toddler sons was driving in the gravel around the building 
in one of those little battery powered cars all night, off-roading and getting into mini-car wrecks.
It was the cutest thing we'd ever seen,
plus the most amazing chimichanga I've ever eaten.

On Sunday we got sun burnt and sun dazed at the Iris Festival.

These two dogs were too much to handle. That little one could live in the St.'s eye socket.
This is Foxxy, Chris's boyfriend. This photo is a good prediction of what their honeymoon will be like.

This uncharacteristically sexy rabbit was my favorite thing at the Wood Carving Contest
Mags, Chris's amazing grandmother :) We're pen pals.
Truchi in his birthday presents!! Isn't he handsome?

And although I hate having to use it,
the road that leads me from Chris's town to mine is so pretty. It always takes the edge off of leaving.
It's the perfect mixture of nature and general filth.

And this is totally off topic, but I forgot to show you this amazing house
near my aunt and uncle's in North Carolina.
It might be my dream home.

 Truchi will be leaving this Saturday for France.
I'll miss talking to him every day
after 9 PM and on weekends, unless he calls the house phone ;)

love, rudi


  1. I've always been intrigued by what that house could be too. I thought it was uninhabited for a long time but then I started to see a little old lady who drives her car to the mailbox at the end of her driveway every day.
    - Aunt Courtney in North Carolina

  2. Tell Truchi that Jesus was laughing at him in his birthday clothes. Seriously, I saw it...MOM