on Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hey guys!
I feel like I haven't posted in forever,
but I guess it's only been a few days...

For one, Happy Mothers Day!!
We made peanut butter pancakes for Mommy, 
and pretty soon (if her hair will ever dry...)
I'm taking her to a flower nursery to pick out something pretty for her garden!

and this is pretty unrelated,
but my friend Jesse Fox could use a little help reaching her dreams,
so she can win:
1-year FREE living in a $1.2 million apartment at The Edge in New York City OR $10,000 cash; a highly publicized, art-star gallery event in New York City; airfare for you and a friend and shipping of your work to and from New York City for the event.

Either way,
cool stuff. I think she deserves it!

Well, it's off to the nursery for me!!
Have a loverly Mothers Day!!

love, rudi

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