A Dragon at Prom!

on Wednesday, May 05, 2010

All Right!!
I'm finally putting up some of those pictures I promised.
I'm so sorry I've been an unreliable source for your entertaintment,
but when I alluded to finals in my last post I meant it.
I've been cramming my brain with trig properties and the history of the world
(no lie- Anthropology is so much fun! You can take that as sarcasm or not).
But here's a sneak peak of last weekend,
Once again, concert photos coming later :)


I'm really bad at flying kites....

I love this picture!! He's prolly the cutest boy I know!

Isn't Ducah foxxy?

Oh, yes, this IS the most EPIC DRAGON KITE you have ever seen.
Sadie's first painting :) I thought she did a pretty swell job!

And finally! Pictures of my pretty German on prom night!!
Isn't she adorable? Her dress made her look like a princess.

Me and Truchi stayed home and watched Star Wars.
I think we won the best date contest that night. :)

love, rudi

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