on Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yaay! Merry Christmas to me! merry Christmas to me!

I'm guessing you'll apologize me not doing a christmas'ey post, and if it really upsets you (chris or mom), then let me know by coming into the next room or calling me to let me know.

But I have great news! Today me and mommy splurged (and yes, a splurge for me is three dollars) on perfect lipstick.

And I found perfect lipstick!!!! Look!

plus, here's two pretties, and a song I completely love for you!

This song makes me think I'm a grown up, and I'm having lots of fun.
I'm getting more and more excited about college,
because isn't that supposed to be when your life starts?

love, rudi

One Comment

  1. I dont think college is the start of your life. Your lucky to have GSA and other people ready to throw free rides at you. pick a great school.