promises KEPT!

on Monday, December 14, 2009

Well here's those photos I promised!
Because I realize,
that the point of blogs is posts
and that means posting stuff.

So I have alternated my photos with other people's photos.
you can tell which ones are mine because I am in them.
And the really awesome pictures were not taken by me.

So enjoy!

(and just click the pictures for photo credit)

I just really especially love this dress

Yes, and apparently I suddenly and completely have friends!
And we didn't plan this. We're just all followers...

all five of us wore flannel plaid shirts today!


I'm very happy, because tonight I made a paper chain,
and I plan on making even more of those paper chains to-morrow.

goodnight, dear friends,
for I know that it is you.

love, rudi

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