on Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am in the best of moods!

Not because I helped break the invaluable and only receipt printer at work tonight,

not because I've been coming home to wipe up piles of poopie from the small animal currently living in my kitchen,

and not because I then proceed to wipe up the mess it makes because every time I enter the room the dog pisses in excitement.

not because I haven't seen my family (except my mom and little sister for twenty minutes after school) for the past two days.
(at all)

and not because I just came back from the first and last performance of my play that no one came to,

and not because I walked in the kitchen thinking, "I wish I had time to make cookies,"
and turned around to find a PAN FULL OF BROWNIES!
that upon further inspection were all burnt and/or rock solid.

and not because I just burnt my mouth on some tea,
That is not why I am in a good mood.

But hulu.com now has Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes!!!!!!!


Now time for some Glee :)

love, rudi

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