Welcome New Year, Welcome Craig!

on Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Merry Fun New Year!

I want to take this special holiday to welcome a new special friend!
This is Craig:

Craig is one of my good GSA friends. I never get to see him anymore, because we are so terribly far away,
but whenever I think of GSA (which I so often do)
Craig is always somewhere in the mix.

It always amazed me how Craig instantly knew everyone as GSA. I don't think I ever saw him hanging out with the same person twice. He was on best friend terms with almost everyone,
and his smile is simply infectious.

And his acting,
He's a cartoon character! In the best possible sense,
his voice is just loud enough, and he seems to have full control of every movement and voice wave he throws out.

Plus, this photo of him exists,
a photo that I consider one of the most epic pictures of all time because it contains
two of the most epic men I know.

That grey haired beast of a man is Tim, everyone, for those of you not in the know.
And Tim and I are pretty much dating.

So I applaud you, Craig, for being
suspiciously sweet
ginger without being too creepy
lovable in every respect
a really good friend, no matter the distance between us.

And because I am sticking true to my title as "High School Student", I must be off to wrap some Christmas presents for our family Christmas party that begins- TODAY!

Love you all! And Have a great New Year. Hopefully, because you are all very close to me in some way, that new year will be filled with adventures and good stories of which I am lucky enough to be a part.

I love you all,
Happy New Year!

love, rudi

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