on Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WOW. Its been a while.

But here's my most recent activities:

1) School is out for Christmas! And the students held an unofficial ugly christmas sweater day,
and even though were not sure anyone actually told the teachers about it,
most of them participated anyway!
2) I went to Greeneville to stay with my loverly Truchi for a few days,
We had mexican food for breakfast, we had country food for breakfast, with some of the
and we had peanut butter & raspberry jam sandwiches for breakfast.
We watched Red-Eye, The Sing-Off, and Black Entertainment Television
a lot.
We kissed on Marley, and ignored Buster, and went for beautiful drives in the snowy country.
We went grocery shopping, had the best game night I've ever had, and drank so much
hot apple cider that I vomited.
We opened presents, and I got a ballerina tu-tu (Yessss!)and a copy of Flashdance (good movie)
and Truchi got a vest that fit perfectly.
Chris worked, and I shopped, and we spent his lunch breaks together.
and that is nice.
That is nice to do that.

And then, when I got home on Sunday night, mom had made Salmon for dinner,
and we did christmas.
and boy oh boy!!!
Did I ever luck out!
I got some seriously amazing things.
Like warm sweaters and adorable tights and awesome sockies,
and a terribly warm blanket, and the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen.
Plus, mom got me and Sadie baby a little air hockey table,
which is the cutest and most fun thing ever created,
and Sadie was kind of pitiful because
mom purposefully didn't buy Sadie way too much because we're pretty sure she'll be totally spoiled at the family Christmas,
and we could tell she knew something was screwy,
because she looked around for more presents.
a lot.
and we felt bad.
but she adorably said thank you for every present, and genuinely loved the things she got.

Hey, reader, I'm sorry for the fluctuating use of capital letters in this post,
and also for the generally boring way I distributed the information,

but it's late, and my internet connection is choppy, and for some reason, that ruins everything.

So hey, guess what, if you're reading this chances are I totally love you!
And have a merry merry christmas indeed!!

love, rudi

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  1. Hey RUdi it's Mom. Yeah. Sadie knew what was up. For sure. I'm glad you liked your loot.
    Love you.