the zoo!

on Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm a little pissy.
Because about a year ago I bought this song through Zune,
but Agyness Deyn wasn't singing.
And that's actually the reason I wanted to buy it in the first place.
And since I am so cheap,
it did hurt to waste that 98 cents.

But here's pictures from the zoo!

My mommy was there too, and so was the Kenyan exchange student Imran,
but I don't have any pictures.
I'm pretty sure I didn't mean to avoid taking any pictures of the animals...
But the place was really crowded, and if you really wanted to see a red panda
(which are adorable)
then coming to this blog is probably not the best way to see them in their full beauty.

And here's a list of things I am currently thankful for:
1) The Swell Season and their new album. It makes me feel like I live in a cup of tea
2) Having not only a million boxes of unopened cereal in the house (mom is stocking up for the family christmas- officially being hosted at my house this year!), but also
another pumpkin pie.
3) The construction at school that makes me park a ten minute hike away from the school,
because I've lost five pounds.
4) The fact that you can tell I've lost five pounds
5) The mild fall weather. It makes everything be a little less blah.
6) Those rare instances where me and Chris can cuddle.
7) My Diana and her black and white film
7) My warm bed, and the heavy covers, whom I am going now to visit.

love, rudi

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