You were out of my league

on Friday, November 13, 2009

oh ooo! Have I got a good time for you!

First off, I owe you a quick description of my life these past few weeks?
I'll start with the awesomest.

1) I ate my first pumpkin pie of the season.
2) I got accepted into Questbridge, which means that I am now one final interview and three more weeks of waiting away from going to an Ivy League for free.
I cried I was so happy.
3) My friend ChrisBowe finally called back.
4)I attended a mass audition at a theater school in Louisville (YPAS- for all of you in the know) and totally nailed it. I got 13 callbacks from a choice of 15. Pretty good, huh? Some of those colleges happened to be my
colleges, like SCAD, Stephens College, and Roosevelt in Chicago, and CCM.
(although, to be fair, I hadn't even heard of CCM before I talked with the representative there-
now it's a dream college)
This event didn't make me cry, but I was pretty close to it.
5) My mom went to Argentina, and then she came back.
6) My two year old sister just said, breaking a long silence, mind you, "My teeth have Krabby Patties on them."
6) I am actually eating a big piece of pumpkin pie right now for dinner.
7) Goin to the ZOOO!
8) I got kicked out of my play. The final dress rehearsal was at the same time as a mandatory college class (meaning, if I miss it, I automatically fail the class, and yes it would go on both my college and high school official transcript)
and I came in late
(despite averaging 80 on the interstate)
and the director kicked me out.
But she did offer me the opportunity to be a street urchin.

So that's about it.
Want some pictures?

We'll start with Argntina
(all taken by my lovely mother)

Aren't they awesome? After hearing the stories and seeing the pictures,
I really want to go.
Oh, and that amazing picture that now stands permanently at the top of my blog:
Mommy took it! I was so proud. And very impressed.

But now let's move on to the land of make-believe,
a magical world where everyone is beautiful and Victoria is rich enough
to but all the fancy clothes she wants.
This is a world where everything is hazy and no ones skin is bad,
and legs are five feet long.
Yes, it's the world of Urban Outfitters.

I was simply stupidly astounded at their latest catalog, which I rescued from the recycle heap in my neighbor's front hall.
I hope you like it as much as I did.

love, rudi

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