on Monday, November 30, 2009

I am super duper nervous,
cause tomorrow I find out the results of my college match through Questbridge,
which means I am finding out which Ivy-League college I will be attending for free (if any, another scary but possible result of tomorrow's email).
And I'mmabout to pee myself.

But I think I'll work on this philosophy paper due instead....
but in the meantime! Here's a list of awesome-est-st's:

frickin wolf on a couch (cause it's on a frickin couch!!)

box of kittens

friend ever

pun I've ever heard

herd of frickin sheep, that looks so cuddly and awesome

carnival activity ever

(click on the photo to see other works from the photographer- he's really something!)

I just want to be here.

It's just pretty frickin awesome.

tatoo that I've penned on my arm for the past two days

dog costume ever

bad-A-est graffiti

presentbook to read when you're in the eighth grade

cuddly cat

wish me luck tomorrow!

love, rudi

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