on Saturday, November 28, 2009

I had such a great day!

Which is a bit odd, because the second I woke up (and after a shower) I went to work,

(I work in this awesome castle)

and now at 6:30 I am just coming home from that work.
And it was great!
I love gettin stuff done, you know?
For some reason I couldn't stop singing today,

and we were kinda busy-ish in a way that I'm always doing something,
like making fancy whippey cream treats and making sloppy samiches.
Plus I finally tried that Pumpkin Cheesecake I've been meaning to try...
and wow.

Plus I got some lotion that smells like pumpkin pie,
and as we all know,
I lumme some Punkun Pie.
I also kept thinking about last night,

and Harry Potter,

and Two Headed Roommates,

and Organic Broccoli,

and Power Drills,

and plus also ph levels.
(I refuse to explain that last one)

How was your day?

Also, if you scroll down to the next post,
listen to "Parentheses",
which I think is absolutely my new favorite song.
(for now)

love, rudi

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