on Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Victoria! :( If you were here I would scoop you in my arms and hold you like a baby animal and feed you all sorts of treats and ice cream."
- my friend from GSA, Taylor Schulz, one of the most talented and beautiful people I know

That just made my day, which has not been a good one at all.

But here's those diana's I promised!

and even though these are not good at all, as far as diana photos go,
They're the best I've taken, I think.

love, rudi


  1. They're really good!!! Where do you get your film developed? I hate that I have a Holga and no place around here develops film for it.

  2. The pictures of sadie are awesome!! Especially the first one. In fact, I think all your diana pictures came out wonderfully.

  3. Thanks Naomi (omg, just saying), Shea, and Chris ( I know it's you!) for commenting!

    I use 35mm film, Shea, because I'm cheap AND poor,
    so I get them developed by Walgreens.