on Sunday, April 25, 2010

Me and Sadie have had a pretty fun night watching her favorite baby animals.
Except the first thing she asked for after waking up from her nap was to look at some octopus'. 
So we did that first.

But now 
( and don't tell her cause it's a secret)
it's time for B-E-D.

Goodnight, you.

love, rudi

One Comment

  1. =) The brightly colored baby chickens made me think of my childhood.
    My daddy would take me to the Co-Op and buy like 10 of them for a nice variety. Then they'd grow up and be angry mean roosters and chase me around my yard.
    Then we'd take them to the nice poor black family that lived next to my mamaw and they'd eat them...

    Good times lol