Oh Sweet Beautious Shoes

on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awww man,

So maybe it's because I've spent the last 48 hours thinking about nothing but clothes,
(my TeenVogue came in the mail and I spent part of the day being interviewed about my closet,
talking about Project Runway,
and getting really excited about the next chance I'll have to play dress up in my room...)

but I find it necessary to post today about
Which I'm not usually that into, since I wear the same black flats
every day
But I swear when I get richer and semi famous
I will own these.
All of these.

I think I may be a little too Lolita for my own good.

....dang. Now back to answering questions about the history of relationships between Puritains and
the Native Americans....

love, rudi

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