on Saturday, April 03, 2010

I'm glad I finally took a picture of what I wore the other day,
I was pretty proud of this outfit because it was created twenty minutes before I had to leave the house in the morning.
Job well done, Rudi.

Yesterday was ridiculous.

I agreed to let Sharae, the lady in charge of tourism here in town, take photos of me for their "Hillbilly Prom" in June.
I think the picture speaks for itself...
I have to say I'm a little embarrassed.

But later last night we went to Kristin's (my adorable little friend Mel's best friend) adorable little farm! It got dark very quickly, so the photos are few and flawed, but I think you can get the picture. 
(Yes that's a cat on the roof!)

Tomorrow my family (minus mom, who's at mamaw's house for the weekend) are driving down to
Asheville, NC. (one of my favorite cities)
so my day was full of laundry, napping,packing, and emptying the fridge :).

I'll have a buncha pictures in a few days!
love, rudi

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