on Sunday, July 04, 2010

I really want a wall this color!
Good god I wish I was beautiful

I really want to do this
I've spent some time online.
As you can tell.
Mostly just looking at The Dainty Squid's tumblr page.
Most (maybe all?) of these photos are from it. I can't get enough of her style.
Here's some more:
I loved  this movie, I love the actress, and I love everything else in this photo  

The rest of the photos are from me last weekend. 
My town had a hillbilly dance (did I already tell you this?)
My group of people ended up being 1) The only ones in costume and 2) The only people who danced.
The band was amazing though- as always.

I'm so proud to say that this is my family.

Isn't my cowboy the cutest?

love, rudi

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  1. You got some great photos here, Rudi. I really want one of those old phones, and that hillbilly dance looks like such fun!


    Kate x