on Monday, July 05, 2010

I have two babies!!!

Mom and I suddenly decided to go on Craigslist and find some kitties. We've been looking for a good cat for a few weeks, and we drove up the road a while until we found this pile of beautiful, friendly, sweet-as-sugar kittens!!
It's been an absolutely adorable day.

Kitty 1 saying goodbye to his pretty mommy

Here they are at home with me. They like to nap on my computer desk :)

I want to name them Basil and Gatsby, but Ben thinks those are stupid.
I think those names match perfectly.
But I'm kinda a weirdo.
What would YOU all name these kitties? Maybe your input will help change Ben's mind...

I have some cuddling to do. See you later.
love, rudi


  1. I`d name my cat Basil. Or Cinnamon sounds kinda good too. ^^


  2. They are adorable! I would go with Gatsby, and maybe Myrtle or Daisy to go with the Great Gatsby trend. :)