on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh I can't tell you how happy I am right now. 
I'm finally sitting in my own house, in front of my own computer, eating a piece of Belgian chocolate my boyfriend brought over from his trip to Paris, listening to this:

(Yes I know I've already shared this with you- I just especially love it!)

And now I"m about to (finally) show you some pictures from my trip to Stephens College in 
Columbia, Missouri!

Let me start off by saying I love love love Columbia. I've traveled around a considerable amount, and visited many great towns and cities- but Columbia just completely lights me up with happiness. Maybe it's just because know I'll be living here, and every place I see becomes a possible place where something significant will happen to me, or a place where I'll be. As you can tell, I visualize my coming semesters with a certain dream like quality. 
Which, in my opinion, is the absolute best thing to do. 

Here's the outside of the dorm I'll be living in. I know it doesn't really give you a very informative picture, but you certainly can pick up on the charm.
 Here's next door.

 The rest of the pictures were taken in downtown Columbia, about a block and a half away from my campus and dorm. It's such a luxury to be so close to everything. It'll make morning lattes a more realistic goal- that and the fact that my first class starts at 9. Victory!
All the benches look something like this.

One of the many theaters in town.
 There's a coolie bakery! In fact, there's a half eaten box of custom, freshly made cookies in my kitchen right this very instant. If I hadn't just eaten some of that boyfriend chocolate I'd help myself to a re-heated vanilla & white chocolate chip cookie with a large cup of tea. 

....the tea sounds do-able, though...
here's some of the customer decorated cookie boxes that proudly decorate the walls.

And remember how I told you all I had a New Way Fun Project?
Stephens Colllege has 'hired' me on as their student blogger! Which means that I will be the student voice of Stephens whenever anyone goes to the official college website, and I'll be the example of what a Stephens Girl really is. 
Isn't that exciting!?
I can't tell you how honored I am and how lucky I feel for somehow having acquired this role- its going to be so super fun! It'll be such a great feeling having my own creative project- especially one that is significantly important- or at least noticed. 
I feel like a celebrity on campus. Most, if not all, of the admissions counselors there have read my blog, and it was surreal walking down a foreign hallway, confused and trying to find the place to get student IDs, and be greeting by a stranger who says, "Hey! Rudi! I love your blog!" 
No wonder I love Stephens so much, huh?

But anyway, nothing's set up yet or I'd give you all a link- but as soon as my fonts are chosen and pictures arise I will surely let all 23 of you know where to find me (if you're interested) and how to see my adventures in their full beauty. Of course, right now it seems that I'll easily be able to handle two blogs at one time, but who knows how crazy my schedule will become once I move in. But the separation of me and this blog is a sad day we shall not yet talk about. 

By the way, 
please forgive my makeup-less face.
 It's not much but bangs make me feel like a million bucks. 

 I think I've consumed enough of your time for now. It's time for me to refill my hot tea 
(which I did end up getting)
and watch the Glee season finale.
Have a great evening, guys and gals!

love, rudi


  1. of course we`re interested! well, at least I am. :D

    your haircut`s so cute! ^^

  2. This was a great post and the music complimented it perfectly!

    Those seats with the mosaic pattern look lovely. I can't believe there are lots of theatres in town! We have so few in Belfast. Reading about you moving into your dorm makes me so excited for starting university in September, though I'll only be moving about 10 miles away from home!

    Congrats on getting to be the 'Student Blogger'! That's one cool title.

    And your hair is so lovely! It really compliments your face.

    Anyway, till next time!
    Kate x

  3. Thanks ya'll for the hair comments! I dyed it red yesterday, too. I'm totally loving it!
    And I'm SO excited about going to school there. If any of you are college searching- you should definitely consider Stephens!!

    love, rudi