on Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I have such hair envy lately.
Actually, to be quite honest, I've been having a lot of everything envy these days.
 It's summertime, when girls are supposed to be pretty and glittery,
but I feel completely opposite of that. My legs are gross and my hair is gross and my skin is nasty, 
and more and more and more.
I'm getting nervous about going to a girl's school because everyone will be so pretty,
and I'm definitely one to compare myself to other people.
Or maybe I just need a haircut and to put on a cute outfit. 
This whole big deal graduation thing is bringing out all the worst qualities in me. I'm not looking forward to wearing a pizza box on my head. But I am looking forward to hiding a chopstick in my graduation robe and pretending to be Harry Potter. 
Most def.

WOAH Hello all you new people! I've had ten followers for a year, and now all of a sudden,
ten more of you show up! 
I don't know how you found me,
or why you stayed,
but I'm glad to meet you all anyway!! 

I promise I'll start posting more,
and I'll also stop telling you all my sob stories.

love, rudi


  1. I love her--she is always so unbelievable stunning. It's reallyyyy hard not to envy her...well, everything. I know how you're feeling. Summer is supposed to be so fresh and free but I live in AZ and I just get sweaty and feel like I'm dying every second as I drag myself everywhere I walk. :(

  2. OH girlfriend-- For what it's worth, I think you are gorgeous! I would give anything to have those curls. BUT, I definitely know what that feels like, to be in a funk where you just feel gross. Been there a million times, actually it's almost daily I struggle with it! Ah it's so hard.

    And can I just say...the fact you referenced Harry Potter just made you probably the coolest ever; let's see those other girls doing that! I don't think so..

  3. Nice to meet you too! I found you thru Dori. I quite enjoy her. I love your hair in your profile picture! I thought these were pictures of you before I read your post! I bet you are adorable. Maybe you should get all dressed up, it might make you feel better. But I think what might help is not comparing yourself to others... eeesshh that always gets me down. You are beautiful! Remember that.

  4. I think we all feel like this from time to time. You should treat yourself to a spa day or a new outfit!