on Sunday, June 06, 2010

I saw Chris today! 
He's been in Paris (and Brussels and Amsterdam) for the past 8 days or so,
and we've had zero interaction, besides a facebook message or two. 
I surprised him at the airport today. There's about ten other pictures like this:

And then we went to eat food. 
Which was grrrrreat!
I just really like the smiling guy in the background!
Isn't my German's new haircut so cute?!?!

And don't I look so frenchie with my BERET?!?

Here's just a pretty picture of a pretty part of Knoxville.
 Now guys, I'd love to elaborate...
but I'm running on very little sleep, 
have a long car ride to my grandma's tomorrow...
and a sleepy boyfriend on the phone.

love, rudi

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