on Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wooohoooooo let's talk about last night.
It was definitely way less-cool of a Saturday night than many other people had,
but I swear I haven't giggled so much in a while!

My mom is in charge of foreign exchange students,
and sometimes we have special little parties and things for everyone to get together.
Last night all the students cooked lasagna for their parents.

I was in charge of making butter hearts.

And discovering where things were in the church kitchen.
This was labeled the spoon drawer.

I thought that was really funny.

And I learned how to make little napkin birds!

with my new best friends!

But the fun part was at the end of the night! When me and Mel
(whom I am getting to be better and better pals with)
had the funnest job ever of doing the dishes!!!

These are about half of the cooking dishes.
And this is the stack of salad dressing bowls.

So take that number of salad dressing bowls, and add that many
salad plates
lasagna plates
dessert bowl
coffee mugs
and three times as many silverware,
along with the additional giant sized pots and pans used for making sauce and cheese mixtures and blah blah blah blah.
Oh. My. God.
We were washing dishes for about 2 hours.

Despite the unanswerable question of why we volunteered to do those dishes,
we had a lot of fun, and did nothing but giggle and make fun of people we didn't know.

And I bet this was one of the most boring posts ever.

Sorry, ya'll.

love, rudi

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